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Fill Your Energy on The Hottest Stage at B.I 2023 Asia Tour “L.O.L The Hidden Stage” in Jakarta

After a long time, B.I finally returned to Jakarta and greeted Indonesian fans in his first Asia Tour Solo concert entitled B.I 2023 Asia Tour “L.O.L The Hidden Stage in Jakarta.” The singer and rapper whose full name is Kim Hanbin successfully held his concert last night, March 11, 2023 at Kota Kasablanka Hall.

B.I welcomed IDs (B.I’s fan name) by bringing “BTBT” which is the main song on the album “Love or Loved Part.1” that released in 2022. The performance was soo amazing and full of energy. The stage heated up even more as the songs “BE I”, “ONE AND ONLY,” “WATERFALL”, “Alive”, and “Flame” were performed.

Before continuing his performance he said “Are you guys having fun?” and was answered by the screams of the fans who had been waiting for his arrival. The 1996-born singer suddenly surprised everyone by getting off the stage while the song “Tangerine” was being sung. He walked around the stage and approached the fans and even took selfies with them. What a fan service, he really understands his fans.

The surprises didn’t just stop there. When he got on stage, B.I loudly said “Where is my bro?” Unexpectedly, Afgan, a male solo singer from Indonesia, appeared on stage and greeted “How are you all?” Hysterical applause never stopped accompanying the appearance of the two of them performing “Lost at Sea” and continued with “illa illa” by B.I.

ID Indonesia seems to have enormous energy just like their idols. Until the end of the event, they remained enthusiastic about every song performed by B.I. Starting from the duet song “Daydream (feat Lee Hi)”, the mega hits “illa illa,” “COSMOS,” to “Keep Me Up,” everyone kept jumping and dancing throughout the song.

Come to us at the end of the event. Before parting ways and ending his performance, he said “As you know, this is my first solo concert. You guys have not forgotten me and have come here. Thank you very much. Thanks to you today I am very happy, “he said. He also closed his solo concert in Jakarta with the songs “Then” and “Re-birth.” Thank you Three Angles Production for the opportunity. See you at the next event.

Photo: Nur Kurniawati

Reported by: Nur Kurniawati

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