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Let’s Get Closer With Our Sweet Bunny Win Metawin at “WIN 1st Solo Fan Meeting in Jakarta”

Win Metawin is coming back to greet his fans in Indonesia through a solo fan meeting entitled “WIN 1st Solo Fan Meeting in Jakarta.” The event, which was held on Saturday, February 11, 2023, in Kota Kasablanka, was filled with Snowballpower (a nickname for Win fans) who were waiting for his arrival. The enthusiasm of the fans who attended was no less lively than when he first arrived in Indonesia at his first fan meeting through the “Shooting Star Asia Tour” with Bright, Dew, and Nani. Let’s take a look at Win’s first solo fan meeting below.

Win opened the performance with “One More Chance,” which is his newest single and was released in December last year. Not only that, to welcome Valentine’s Day, this 1999-born actor and singer also decorated cupcakes on stage to be given to lucky fans. So sweet of you!

After distributing the cupcakes, Win returned to showing off his skills on stage by singing a rap. Snowballpower, who was present, seemed surprised and amazed by the cool and swag appearance. Moreover, he also performed “Kan Goo,” which is the OST “2Gether The Series,” sung by Bright Vachirawit. During the fan meeting, Win also answered our curiosity through the “this or that” session, which also tested how well we know him. Choice fans will guess which answer Win will choose.

First, “When traveling, who will you take with you? Younger brother or older sister?” He answered, younger brother. When asked why he chose his younger brother, he said because he thought it would be fun if he could take his younger brother on a trip. Second, “Which light do you prefer, the sun or the moon?” The fan answered the sun and suddenly made a surprising statement by saying, “He chose the sun because he likes Bright!” Then, all of a sudden, Win responded to her with a thumbs up and said, “Good, I don’t need to answer because she already knows the answer.” Everyone became hysterical and could not control their laughter here.

Third, “If you weren’t an actor, what career would you choose, architect or businessman?” He answered architect. He explained that architecture would have been his dream job if he had not become an actor, and he was also interested in design, so he chose it. Fourth, “What activities do you do before going to bed, reading or listening to music?” He answered, listening to music. When asked about the reason, he jokingly said that he hates reading books that make fans laugh at him. Finally, “What role would you like to play, detective or doctor?” He answered the detective.

He ended his performance with “That Person Must Be You,” the OST of “Still2Gether the Series”. At the end, he said that he prepared all the songs and concepts for his fan meeting himself and hoped that all Snowballpower who came to his fan meeting liked them. “Thank you for supporting me all this time. I promise I’ll be back soon,” he said. We also thank Lumina Entertainment for the opportunity to be able to meet again and have fun with Win. Until we meet again!

Reported by: Nur Kurniawati
Photo credit: Lumina Entertainment

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