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EXO SC at Back To Back Fancon in Jakarta “EXO-Ls Felt Like A Family”

EXO subunit, EXO SC consisting of Chanyeol and Sehun finally came to Jakarta to greet Indonesian EXO-Ls through their FanCon “EXO SC Back To Back in Jakarta” at Beach International Stadium. This was the first fan con for Chanyeol after his military discharge, and it has been 4 months since the last time Sehun visited here for a fan meeting.

They are so happy to meet the fans and can’t wait to perform their own songs and have fun with fans. Before the Fan Con started, Chanyeol and Sehun greeted the media team and answered a few questions about their activities, future goals, and interesting fun facts. Let’s check out the interview below:

It’s your first time having Fan Con here, how are you feeling about this?

Sehun : It’s been 4 months since I’ve been to Indonesia last time, and it’s very nice to be back here, and it’s a pleasure to be back with Chanyeol, and I will perform many things with Chanyeol here.

Chanyeol: I’m very excited to see you guys here since it has been a long time I’ve been to Indonesia. Thank you.

What do you miss the most from Indonesian fans and what do you want to convey and do to fans after covid 19 for 2 years?

Chanyeol: Firstly, It’s been a long time since my military service, and I want to enjoy our time with fans and Sehun

What’s the difference, between having an activity with EXO and EXO SC?

Sehun: What’s the difference? Hmm.. I think it’s more fun when I’m with the members because they are so many and we joked around.  (Chanyeol looked at Sehun and they just joking together)

What’s the difference when you prepare EXO albums and EXO SC albums?

Chanyeol: It’s different when I make an album for EXO, and with Sehun. I think this time I have more chance to be involved in producing and directing for the album

It’s been a long time since EXO SC came to Indonesia, is there any memories you remember from EXO L Indonesia?

Sehun: I came here last time for skincare products fan meeting in Jakarta, and I remember I came to a mall, and too many fans came, bus sadly it became dangerous for fans, so I can only meet them for a short time, and I realized that EXO-L loved us that much.

Is there any funny moments episode when you prepare a fan con here in Jakarta?

Chanyeol: There was a time when we needed to practice for this fan con before I came to Jakarta, we were promised to meet at 4 pm and I already came to the practice room at 3:30 pm, but Sehun came at 4:20 pm and yes, I was little pissed (just kidding)

Chanyeol, what does it changes from you after military service?

Chanyeol: I think I am becoming more mature and calmer, it’s been 4 months since I finished my military service, and I’m still thinking that it’s not real for me

Sehun, you look so pissed when you received EXO SC Album in the Youtube videos about you and Chanyeol

Sehun: I actually have that expression because I am actually quite mad because I receive those CDs.

EXO debuted in 2012, what does EXO-L mean for you?

Chanyeol: it’s been 12 years since our debut, and I feel so thankful for our EXO-L. Last time I felt like we were friends, but now, I think we’re a family.

When is EXO SC formed? What kind of goals or challenge that you guys faced?

Sehun: I think Chanyeol was the first one to talk about this first unit but in no time we already made a song together, we make an album single and also a full album together, and I’m so excited to make a song together.

Many KPOP stars here have an Indonesian name, what kind of names you want to get?

For Sehun, the option is Susanto, Sofyan and Sultan. For Chanyeol, there’s Chandra, Cahya, Cakra, and Cahyono.

Sehun: I choose the last one, Sultan.

Chanyeol: I choose Cakra because my horoscope is like the Cakra symbol, the arrow.

If EXO will shoot EXO Ladder Show in Indonesia, which city do you want to visit? There’s Jakarta, Bali, Lombok, Surabaya, Bandung and Malang?

Chanyeol: For me, I have good memories of when I was in Bali, and I want to bring Sehun to swimming and having fun there

What do you usually do at backstage before the show?

Sehun: Just like the others, we were usually joking, eating, exercising, and warming up.

Article and Photo by: Raras Mita

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