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All in ITZY Soundcheck Session Before The Jakarta Concert: Plenty Of Fan Service and Sweetness Overload

JYP girl group ITZY is back to Jakarta for their first world tour “ITZY THE 1st WORLD TOUR <CHECKMATE> in JAKARTA” on February 4, 2023, at Tennis Indoor Senayan.

Before meeting MIDZY (the name of ITZY’s fans) at the concert at 6.30 PM WIB, the fans from the Blue Soundcheck Package category were able to meet ITZY first through a soundcheck session that was scheduled at 4:00 PM WIB. It is a benefit for the fans who purchased the ticket after signing up as MCP members.  

The fans’ screams arose as the girls came out to the venue with a black hoodie, one of their concert merchandise. Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna introduce themselves with Bahasa Indonesia. Ryujin asks the fans, “Apa kalian kangen kami?” which got a response with a loud voice, meaning the fans are indeed missing to see their idol in person.

For the total, the member performed three songs, “SHOOT!”, “Boys Like You”, and “Not Shy”. As the music played, a plenty of fanservice started to fill the venue. The members sing, dance, and come close to the fans on every corner with full of smiles. The soundcheck session is sure a fun time for both the idol and the fans. They go around looking at the fans’ eyes, interacting with a little chit chat, reading some fans’ hand banners, responding to fans’ heart pose, and laughing at the fan’s cuteness. While performing and having fun with MIDZY, they make sure that none of the fans’ there are missed out.

When the first song ended, Ryujin gave a compliment to MIDZY by saying that fans’ eyes are so dazzling. Later, Yeji also compliments the fans’ effort on writing the banner in hangul. “Thanks for writing the banner in Korean so we can read it easily,” the leader said.

Seems everyone is enjoying the 30 minutes soundcheck session since the fans’ scream and sing along already loud as if it is the actual concert. 

Reported by Mutia Drajat

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