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When We Fell Deeper Into Ji Chang Wook’s Sincere Fan Service in 2022 Fan Meeting “Reach You” in Jakarta

That night, what we feel throughout the show from the actor is his sincerity to the fans. If you were with us along with other fans at the fan meeting by yourself, you will know the reason why we can’t help but keep smiling to see the genuine, sincere, and endearingly sweet interaction between the actor and fans.

On the ‘Thousand Face of Ji Chang Wook’ corner, some lucky fans got a chance to get closer and intimate with the actor. Along with fans, Ji Chang Wook recreated a scene from his dramas. There are riding a motorcycle scene from “Back Street Rookie”, an umbrella scene from “The K2”, and singing “Let Me Love You” over the phone from “Lovestruck in the City.” We could tell how nervous the fans were but thanks to the actor who guided them well, the recreated scenes turned out beautifully.

The actor seemed to have a good time on his first visit to Jakarta. He released a Jakarta vlog exclusively that started with his departure from Incheon International Airport heading to Jakarta, arrival at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, and his daily activity when he was in Jakarta. The fans’ screams suddenly arose as the actor enjoyed swimming in a pool. Doesn’t stop there, Ji Chang Wook makes the fans shocked as he looks like a handsome local guy who buys snacks at a local market, eats local food at a restaurant, works out, and strolls around Jakarta at night.  

He shared his first impression of Jakarta that the foods are delicious and the weather is nice. His most favorite of local foods are Sate Ayam, Rendang, and Nasi Goreng. He revealed, the food culinary and walking around the city are unforgettable, but the moment he met Indonesian fans was the most memorable one. 

Let’s move to another corner, ‘If You Wish Upon Me “The Sound of Magic”’. The actor sweetly explains the meaning, “I prepared this corner especially for fans because I have received love from fans. This time, I will repay the fans’ love by granting their wishes.”

He granted the three lucky fans’ wishes by calling their name and taking a selfie together. We notice that the actor was the one who initiated to hug the fans first. Looking at this, everyone was thrilled over his sweetness and sincerity of fan service.

After meeting the actor in person for the first time in about three hours, we could understand his long yet steady career because he’s indeed a talented artist who always did his best. But, we think the way he respects, thankfulness, and sincerity to the fans is a top secret wherefore the actor is loved by his fans across the world over the years. 

We felt nothing but energized and left the venue with full of smiles thanks to Ji Chang Wook who only left good memories on his first fan meeting in Jakarta.It was an honor for us to meet such a handsome, talented, yet kind, humble, and sweetest big star like Ji Chang Wook. We hope his upcoming project goes well and we can’t wait to meet him again through his works. Until then, see you again!

Reported by: Mutia Drajat
Photos cr: @jichangwook

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