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Kim Sejeong’s Sesang Diary in Jakarta: Let’s Walk Together On The Flower Way

For the first time, Kim Sejeong came back to Indonesia to greet Sesang (a nickname for Kim Sejeong’s fans) in a fan meeting entitled “2022 Sejeong’s Sesang Diary in Jakarta.” The event, which was held at Balai Sarbini on Friday, November 4, 2022, was part of her first Asia Fan Meeting Tour and the first country she visited. Besides Jakarta, Kim Sejeong will also visit Bangkok on November 6. In this first fan meeting, the 1996-born singer and actress presented many surprises for fans.

There were so many unforgettable and exciting moments during the fan meeting. Let’s take a look at the Q&A summary during this fan meeting. Check this out!

Q: What do you want to do while in Indonesia?

A: Actually I was really nervous to come here so I haven’t come out since yesterday. So, after this concert or maybe tomorrow I want to go for a walk. Are there any recommendations?

(Hearing the questions, the fans began to recommend Indonesian specialties, ranging from Satay, Nasi Goreng, Seblak, and Martabak).

Q: What does the drama “Today’s Webtoon” mean to Kim Sejeong?

A: Firstly, the timing felt so fast that I didn’t feel that the drama was over and Indonesian fans were also very happy with the drama, so I’m grateful for that. I also hope that the drama will give everyone a good impression and hope.

Q: How did you feel after receiving support in the form of truck coffee shipments from Indonesian fans during the shooting of Today’s Webtoon?

A: I am very deeply moved. It’s not just about coffee trucks but this is a form of affection from all of you. There are also Indonesian food and snacks, and there are love letters too.

Q: After shooting the drama. You had time to vacation and try to surf. Aren’t you afraid?

A: I’m not afraid at all, after four tries I just succeeded. Previously I have also tried scuba diving but this time in Indonesia I want to try surfing again.

Q: Can you tell us about your experience while on vacation in America?

A: Actually, apart from America, I also went to Phuket. I also tried skydiving. It is very important for me to rest before starting a new activity. Moreover, this time I was accompanied by the people I care about, so I felt happier. Holding a fan meeting like this is also a form of rest, so right now I am very happy to meet Sesang, whom I love.

Q: Why did you choose “Flowey Way” as the first song to be performed at this fan meeting?

A: So “Flowey Way” is one of the songs that made me known to a lot of people and it is also a song that is very close to me.

Q: In the next drama, will I be able to meet Sejeong who is a ballerina?

A: No, I can’t, I can’t (laughs). I like to eat and I’m not flexible, ballerinas also have strong muscles so I can’t. But if you use CG, it’s still possible.

Q: What Indonesian food do you like?

A: I like Mie Goreng. At first, I was a little confused about the difference between Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng, but finally, I know that the food I like is Mie Goreng. When I visited Lombok I also brought several packs of instant fried noodles to take home.

Q: Will you come back to Indonesia?

A: Yes, of course, I will come back here to meet you guys.

Q: In the next album do you want to try the hip-hop genre?

A: Yes, maybe not 100 percent hip-hop but something similar to hip-hop.

Q: Is there a desire to add pets?

A: No, I don’t want to add pets. Right now I’m leaving my cat at home, so I feel sad and guilty for leaving him there.

Q: Who is your favorite character?

A: When I was little, I really liked Spongebob. I’ve been watching since episode 1. I also like the character “Sadness” in “Inside Out” because many Sesang said that we look alike. Many characters that I like but I forget. If it’s cute, I’ll definitely like it. That’s why I like myself (giggles).

Q: What was the most interesting experience while shooting with Indonesian actors?

A: I really enjoy shooting. Today Chicco also came. The most exciting experience was when I acted in Korean and Chicco in Indonesian, so we both didn’t really know what was being discussed. We only rely on eye contact and it’s fun, thanks also to Chicco for the opportunity to act together.

“There’s one more thing when I was resting in the car, I thought about giving Chicco some Korean snacks, so I bought them at the convenience store. And today I was also given a gift by Chicco which is prettier and better than what I gave him,” she said.

Chicco Jerikho, the Indonesian actor who co-starred with Kim Sejeong in the Realfood drama “Office Romance Recipe” was also present and went on stage to answer some questions with her. She also looked happy and surprised to see Chicco present at her fan meeting.

Chicco: She is very friendly and welcome. To be able to work with Sejeong is an opportunity. The time for us to build characters in the drama is very short but because she works very hard so all the actors can have a strong chemistry bond during shooting.

Moving on to the next session, there is a “This or That” session. Sejeong was asked to choose one of the two options on the screen, the topics of preference asked were varied. The first topic is if you are watching a movie alone, what genre will you watch? Romantic comedy or action? Sejeong also answered Romantic comedy. “Because I like a slightly mellow genre and often analyze the characters in the film. I also like to cry when watching movies, so if I watch it with other people I worry if that person doesn’t like the movie. My favorites are “Eternal Sunshine”, “Beauty Inside” and “About Time”, she said.

The second question is, If you are in karaoke, what kind of song will you sing? Ballad or Dance? She answered Ballad. “Because when I go to karaoke, I actually practice. I should have enjoyed it, but how? For me, even going to karaoke is an exercise. So when I’m at karaoke I like to sing Taeyeon and IU’s songs.” She then sang some of the lyrics of Taeyeon’s song “U R” on stage.

Next, If you want to do something, do you prefer to do it spontaneously or make a plan in advance? She said it depends. According to the situation, if she could do something she wanted now, she would. But if the thing she wants to do has a goal that she must achieve in the future then she will make a plan first, then do it.

The last question, if ‘I love you’ could be replaced, which one would you choose? ‘I like you’ or ‘I think of you’? She chose ‘I’m thinking of you.’ Because she thinks ‘liking you’ cannot fulfill the meaning of ‘love you.’ Because ‘thinking of you’ can express various expressions and feelings, so she chose ‘thinking of you.’

The event continued with “Maybe I Am.” It doesn’t feel like time is almost over, but Sesang Indonesia has a surprise for their beloved artist. The screen on the stage showed a video clip of Kim Sejeong’s journey since debuting until now. The tears were unstoppable, Kim Sejeong shed tears after the video clip was played. “Even though we had fun earlier, but now I’m crying like this, I’m so sad remembering these memories,” she said while sobbing on stage.

At the end of the show, Kim Sejeong returned to the stage with “Whale” and “Skyline.” Cheerful and bright music enveloped the room until the end of the event. She also greeted her fans from end to end, waving his hands and constantly giving a heart sign. How sweet and nice she is!

It’s such an amazing show. Together with her, we had a very lovely and delightful time. Thanks to Three Angles Production for the opportunity. Like she said, let’s meet again! Let’s make a memory together again! We will wait for the next project from Kim Sejeong. See you at the next show! Until we meet again.

Reported by: Nur Kurniawati

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