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Unforgettable Night at The First Stop: Shooting Star Asia Tour 2022 in Jakarta

The long wait for Indonesian fans has ended. Four Thai actors Bright Vachirawit, Win Metawin, Dew Jirawat, and Nani Hirunkit who are popular with the drama F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flower are now greeting their fans in Indonesia through the first Asia Fan Meeting Tour, entitled ‘Shooting Star Asia Tour’. The event which was held on October 15 at The Kasablanka Hall Jakarta marked their first visit to Indonesia, as well as the first country they visited for the Shooting Star Asia Tour Fan Meeting tour. 

The enthusiasm of the fans never stopped and even peaked when the event started. The fan meeting started with  ‘Who am I’ which is the OST of the drama ‘F4 Thailand’. The four actors looked stunning as if bewitching the audience with their beautiful voices.

After finishing with the first song, they greeted the fans in Indonesian, “Terima kasih sudah datang (Thank you for coming),” said Nani. “Senang bertemu kalian  (Nice to meet you),” said Dew. “Kami cinta kalian (We love you),” said Win. The last person, “Halo semua, apa kabar? (Hello everyone, how are you?),” said Bright.

Not only greeting fans, they also leaked their next activities and projects in the question and answer session. Nani and Dew said that they were preparing for a new series, while Bright and Win said that they would soon hold a BrightWin concert and work on a new series. There is still another surprise, Bright also announced that he would soon release a new album.

The fan meeting was followed by a solo performance from each member of the Thai F4. The first appearance was Nani, who was filled with SWAG energy, performing ‘Best Life’ which is the drama OST of the four actors. Fans were also immersed in the rhythm of the beat from cool Rapper Nani. Next there is Dew, with her soft voice singing ‘In The Wind.’ The fans also sang along and created a romantic and emotional atmosphere. His performance is so touching.

Game time! In this corner, Bright, Win, Dew and Nani will play, throwing the ball into the basket. Whoever puts the most balls into the basket in 2 minutes is the winner. During the game the four of them looked serious and adorable at the same time. This fierce battle was finally won by Win with 13 points.

Tired of playing games, let’s eat! The first time visiting Indonesia is incomplete if you haven’t tasted its special food. Tempe mendoan and Es Teler served on the table. They were very excited to try the food. They say “It’s so delicious!” After eating, they gave a signed ball as a present to 4 lucky fans who came to the show. 

Back on stage, now it was Win’s turn with his special performance of ‘Silhouette’. Then followed by Bright’s solo performance with ‘Lost&Found’ which is the actor’s single released in 2022. The smooth and sweet voices of the two of them captivated the audience.

Next, the four members of F4 Thailand returned to the stage to answer some questions from fans that had been prepared on the board. Questions were written by fans before entering the event on sticky notes pasted on the board.

Regarding the tourist place that Nani wanted to visit, he said he wanted to go to Bali. “I want to go to Bali.” For Dew, because he is known to like watching anime, he chose the question about the last Anime he watched. “I watch Bleach,” he said. Then Win chose a question about food, “I like Nasi Goreng.” Meanwhile, Bright chose a question about how he feels about Indonesian fans, “I am very surprised because of your extraordinary support. Thank you and I love you guys!” said Bright.

It was almost the end of the event, the four of them gave a closing message for the fans. “Tonight, today is a memory that I can’t forget forever,” said Nani. “You will be forever in my heart,” continued Bright. It didn’t end there, just before the photo session started, fans surprised the F4 members with a fan project video displayed on the LED screen. The four of them looked happy and moved to see it, plus another surprise, an early birthday celebration for Dew and Nani. The fans suddenly sang Happy Birthday, which made Nani cry on stage. The session was closed with a group photo.

Lastly, they come back to the stage with ‘Shooting Star.’ The four’s voices flowed beautifully along with the melody and the voices of fans singing together. It’s such an amazing and wonderful show. Together with them, we had a very delightful and pleasant time. Thanks to Lumina Entertainment for the opportunity. Let’s wait for the next project from members of F4 Thailand. See you on the next show! Until we meet again.

Reported by: Nur Kurniawati
Photos cr: Lumina Entertainment

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