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Legend of KPOP Super Junior is back to Singapore!

The King of Kpop idols ,Super Junior (  Lee Teuk, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun ) back to Singapore with  the ELFs( the name of the fans) fill up the whole Singapore Indoor last Saturday. 

Super Junior started the concert with the song – Burn The Floor , The Crown , Super. When “Mr Simple” was being performed , fans got excited , dancing and energy level was brought to the next level !

The Oppas brought their comics side during their introduction by saying Singlish and Hokkien! Not forgetting Donghae and Siwon even spoke in fluent Mandarin and Kyuhyun  greeted fans with “Hosehbo” (How have you been?!) The members got Yesung — whom English is not that fluent to greet the fans in English. Siwon supported by saying “No challenge, no change.” Eunhyuk apologised to fans for postponing their Aug 6 concert in Manila due to his father’s death . The fans were really saddened by his apology and told him Gwaenchana (never mind)!

The fans definitely could see how professional artist Eunhyuk is, as throughout the show he gave his best and no one could imagine how hard he went through . 

Not forgetting that the Leader , Lee Teuk told the fans  that he had some black pepper and chilli crabs backstage and the smells is still staying on his fingers! 

After greeting the fans , Super Junior K.R.Y performed “ I Can’t” which can perfectly portray their soothing voices and has captivated everyone! 

Super Junior’s remaining members came back on stage to sing Believe which is a song from their debut album in 2005 and was written by Kim Hee Chul ( member who didnt attend ) which was chosen only for Singapore ELF!

While the concert came to an end , Super Junior asked the fans to get up for the group’s most famous song: 2009’s Sorry, Sorry. This truly brings up the memories of how the song impact the whole world during 2009!

Finally when the concert was coming to the real end , Super Junior returned for their encore stage, singing More Days With You, Walkin’ and HAPPINESS. Super Junior appeared emotional, sharing their worries that they might not be able to maintain the energy level like before as the members appeared exhausted. Super Junior  promised that they will come back to Singapore real soon next time and also not forgetting to express their thanks to the fans who came today! The fans definitely had their stress relieved and got to enjoy such a lovely and wonderful Saturday! 

KoreanUpdates would like to thank One Production for the invitation.

Reported by Jennifer Teh

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