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“2022 HWANG IN YOUP 1st Fan Meeting in Jakarta”: Hwang In Youp, The Green Flag Character In Real Life

Jakarta was chosen as one of the destinations for Hwang In Youp’s first Asia fan meeting. The actor who debuted as a model and started his acting career in 2018, received a lot of attention through his projects, especially the webtoon-based drama, ‘True Beauty’. He stole fans’ hearts with his acting as Han Seojun and successfully caused the Second Lead syndrome among K-drama fans. Two years after the series, Hwang In Youp finally visits Indonesia for the first time with 2022 HWANG IN YOUP 1st Fan Meeting in Jakarta.

Photo by: Lumina Entertainment – Vanessa Fabiola

The actor started the fan meeting with ‘It Starts Today’, an OST of ‘True Beauty’ that he sang by himself. His deep voice echoed the venue along with some scenes from the drama that appeared on the screen. Not to mention the performance became even more special because it felt like witnessing idol Han Seo Jun come back on stage.

After finishing the song, Hwang In Youp greeted fans in Bahasa Indonesia, “Halo, Saya In Youp. Aku cinta kamu (Hello, I am In Youp. I love you).” He said he was happy to meet Indonesian fans for the first time and although the time is short, he hopes the fans can have fun.

Photo by: Lumina Entertainment – Vanessa Fabiola

The first corner in the fan meeting was called ‘Hwang Quiz’, a quiz about Indonesia. If he managed to answer all quiz correctly, he can try Indonesian foods. He answered questions right and got to try Indonesian foods, bakwan jagung (corn fritter), and coconut ice. We are sure he liked it because he kept eating after the first bite. There are two coconut ice prepared, with syrup and without syrup. Hwang In Youp prefers coconut ice with syrup and said he should try it after the fan meeting. 

The next corner is ‘IY Q&A’. During the session, he made fans’ hearts flutter with his kindness and sincere answers making the fans scream enthusiastically.

We can say that the highlight of this fan meeting is definitely a non-stop fan service as he kept getting intimate with fans. Hwang In Youp surprised fans by coming back to the venue to approach fans in the back section. He walked around and greeted fans with full of smiles. Later when he arrived on the stage, he said the fans at the back couldn’t see him too well because it was quite far away, so he approached them. How considerate he is!

Photo by: Lumina Entertainment – Vanessa Fabiola

The fan meeting continued with ‘InYoup_Filmogram’ corner, which talked about dramas that he starred in. In his first historical drama “Tale of Nokdu” (2019), he shared that he entered action school for months to prepare for the action scenes. When it come to “True Beauty”, everyone already shouted “Okey Dokey!”. In the drama, there was a scene where Han Seojun dances to the song after coming out of the shower. Even though he’s a bit shy, he did it twice for fans.

Speaking about the drama that getting popular globally, Hwang In Youp revealed he knew from fellow actors that Indonesians really like the drama. “I think I have to come to Indonesia and say thank you,” he said.

Moved to another corner ‘IY Game’ that consists of 3 rounds. The first round was an arm wrestling game. One of lucky fans got a chance to did the game with Hwang In Youp. The excitement was going up to the next level as Hwang In Youp was undoubtedly getting closer with fans. The excitement continued with ddakji (Korean traditional paper flip game) and balance game.

The ‘IY Present’ corner was to create an exclusive present decorated by Hwang In Youp. For countless times, he showed his sweet and thoughtfulness personality as he said he want to write the fan’s name and asked her about the message to write on.

Photo by: Lumina Entertainment – Vanessa Fabiola

Near the end, the screen showed a video project from fans. After watching the video, he thanked his fans and said,

“I feel moved. Every time I’m tired, I will get encouragement from the videos you made for me. Thanks to you, I can be as happy as I am now.”

The 2 hours ended as Hwang In Youp performed the last song ‘I Mean It’ from ‘The Sound of Magic’.

Photo by: Lumina Entertainment – Vanessa Fabiola

Along with HIYILYs, we had a lot of fun and a delightful day meeting such a humble actor like Hwang In Youp who showed nothing but proof that he is the greenest flag real-life character that we’ve ever met. We would like to thank Lumina Entertainment for the opportunity. We look forward to the next project from Hwang In Youp and his growth as an actor. Until we meet again.

Reporter: Mutia Drajat

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