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Cha Eunwoo ‘2022 Just One 10 Minute’ [Starry Caravan] in Jakarta Press Conference

The talented and shining idol-actor Cha Eunwoo finally returning to Jakarta for his fan meeting Cha Eunwoo ‘2022 Just One 10 Minute’ [Starry Caravan]. Before the fan meeting that scheduled on 23rd of July at 6.30 PM WIB, Cha Eunwoo greeted fans and media at press conference. 

KoreanUpdates compiled the Q&A session below. Please prepare some snacks before, because the session is a bit long. Enjoy, Jjangers!

Q: This is your first time coming back to Indonesia to greet fans after the pandemic, can you give a bit spoiler about the special performance you have prepared for tonight? 

A: I have prepared a lot for today, from song to piano performances. Let’s have fun today!

Q: After landing in Jakarta, what have you been doing here?

A: I arrived in Jakarta last night. I slept a lot on the plane and haven’t ate anything. So, when I arrive at hotel, I ate nasi goreng and one beer. They are delicious.

Q: If Eunwoo goes out with a caravan then you have to walk to get help and can only carry 3 things, what will Eunwoo bring?

A: Water, AROHA, and lightstick.

Q: Why do you bring a lightstick?

A: Because when it’s dark you need a light.

Q: Why did you choose ‘Starry Caravan’ as the theme of fan meeting?

A: I’ve been thinking about, ‘What if I could go on vacation together (with fans).’ So I thought maybe I could bring those concepts, travel with fans, and meet fans too. That’s why I choose the title for this fan meeting.

Q: What is your hobby lately?

A: Recently, when I have break time, I play golf. I also like sports, so I play soccer or basketball.

Photo by: Lumina Entertainment – Vanessa Fabiola

Q: How do you feel about being able to meet all the fans again in person?

A: I really miss the voice. So it’s been a long time since I’ve come here because of the pandemic, I also haven’t had eye contact in a long time. I’m so happy to finally be able to see and hear (fans) in person.

Q: How do you feel about returning to Indonesia? Is there anything you miss?

A: I really miss my fans. Because I’m so excited, I’m even happier. Terima kasih (thank you).

Q: You wrote lyrics for ASTRO’s songs, what else do you think could inspire you to write another song?

A: Definitely I got the inspiration from AROHA (*the name of ASTRO’s fandom). Also, it seems different from time to time, sometimes it depends on where I am and so on.

Q: You get a lot of nicknames from fans, ‘Morning Alarm’, ‘Eunu’, ‘Face Genius’, ‘The White Tee Guy’. Out of all of these nicknames, which is your favorite nickname?

A: Ayang~ (One of Indonesian sweet nicknames means darling)

Q: From all of the dramas you’ve acted in, which character was the most memorable?

A: Suho

Q: Korean film and entertainment industry is getting more well-known and getting much attention from all over the world. Besides K-Pop, what do you think is the other charm of the Korean entertainment industry that attracts fans?

A: I think everyone is working hard. I believe, “If there is effort, everything can be done.” I think the reason is, there is more effort to achieve a more perfect result. But I think it’s thanks to all of you.

Q: Is there any special thing or ritual to get into the character before filming?

A: If there are suggestions to watch a film or a work before doing (the filming) from the directors, I will watch it. I also discuss a lot to know more about the character.

Photo by: Lumina Entertainment – Vanessa Fabiola

Q: Your upcoming drama “Island”, is a horror-thriller genre. Is there any difficulty to act in this genre?

A: Actually it’s not really horror at all. For the difficulty, maybe because this is a new character for me, but because it’s new, I really enjoy doing it. Also because there are many action scenes, I try to make it look cooler.

Q: The theme of this fan meeting is ‘Starry Caravan’, what song do you think is the best song to listen to when looking at the stars?

A: ‘First Love’ is good, you can also listen to ‘Like Stars’ by ASTRO.

Q: If you have more time in Indonesia, where would you like to go?

A: If I have more time in Indonesia, I want to go to Bali. Because I’ve never been to Bali, so I want to go there at least once.

Q: You are a very family man and really like buying souvenirs when traveling. If you had more time to shop in Indonesia, what souvenirs would you like to bring for your family?

A: As far as I know, there are so many delicious fruits in Indonesia, as well as small things such as crafts and those related to history. It seems interesting to bring souvenirs like that.

Photo by: Lumina Entertainment – Vanessa Fabiola

Cha Eunwoo wrap up fun Q&A session during the press conference with “Aku sayang cinta kamu (I love you). ” We also shared Cha Eunwoo ‘2022 Just One 10 Minute’ [Starry Caravan] in Jakarta moments here.

Written by: Mutia Drajat

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