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[Exclusive] Interview with the Talented Mew Suppasit from Thailand!

Most people, especially those who love Thailand actors or singers, know Mew Suppasit, the ever talented, handsome and extremely kind actor and singer from Thailand.

We had a chance to interview him online, and we want to share his, for us, amazing and well-thoughts answers to you, MEWLIONS and other Thai or Korean fans.

But first of all, we want to let you know that Mew Suppasit recently announced he is having the first full album, ‘365′. Today his songs are available for pre-order on iTunes (Click Here) and here is the full schedule for his first album release.

And we also have a message from Mew Suppasit!

Without further ado, here are the full interview you have been waiting for!


How do you feel being the “Mew Suppasit?

I feel like I was a player in the video games that I have to fight with an old version of myself every day. It’s really challenge because sometime I won, sometime I lose, but at least I try to go beyond my limit and make it better every time I try.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

To release the first album in my life. to be able to produce my own series. And to be me and together with my fans right now is my biggest achievement so far for now.

To you, what is the definition of being grateful?

All that I can say is thank you and thank you for always love and supporting me. It’s really grateful for me. I will keep improve myself to be better and make it worth for your love.

About Career

11 Years in the entertainment industry is indeed very long, what is your motivation to go through all everyday? When you feel like you are on your lowest point in your life, what did you do to get up stronger?

My motivation is my passion and my fans. When I’m down I always try to study more and improve myself. the feeling when I try to be better version of myself for my fans is helping me go through all the obstacle. And I love my career that’s why I keep continue in this industry.

A lot of fans want you to talk about Aquarium Man, how’s the preparation so far? As you are involved in the process of the series, what is the main hurdle you are facing? Including the casting process.

The Aquarium Man has changed the name to “the ocean eyes”, now the preparation is almost done. Actually, the shooting schedule have to start in the past 2 months. Due to pandemic situation that’s why the shooting has to postponed. the hardest part is the script writing because it’s the key of the series. We have been doing this part over and over again to make as much as close to the quality that I expected, which is still keep edited.

From what we see, currently you are really into music, how does it feel being a singer? What is the different between these two career path?

A singer was like you telling a story about yourself. Spread yourself and it feel so relief to be yourself. And you can share your inspired story with the everyone.

While being an actor is like you’re becoming someone else and learn the experience of being that person. It’s a very refresh and ready to try to explore the world in the others mindset, see all the things in different from yourself.

We heard your new song is dedicated for fans, is it right? What kind of message you want to tell your fans through this song? Please explain it.

That song is inspired by my fans, who passed away. Her name is Summer, she wrote the letter to me before I debuted as a singer. While I read the letter, I feel like the fireworks is pop up, started so beautifully but end up fade away. So, I want to keep the beautiful memories alive through this song. Whenever you listen to it, you will feel that flower still blooming in your heart.

About Study

How did you divide your time between study and career? You are a PhD student, How does it feels being an actor and a PhD student at the same time and still get a good grade?

I always try to managed my schedule between work and study, which is really hard to do so. I try my best to handle it, focus on how to make it most effective and easy. For my PhD programs, I only have the research part left, it got effected by the pandemic situation because my research is about math statistic on airlines and hotel over booking. So, I have to take a break from research for awhile till the situation is getting better.

Do you have any advices for anyone that study and work at the same time?

You have to manage your schedule wisely and effective, separate timing and make worth in every minutes. I always prefer to plan a short and long terms plan, like a day, a week and a month. Make sure there is no wasted time on each activity and focus on it. the most important part is trying to finished before time. Which you will able to plus the time for other activity.

About Indonesian Fans

We are from Indonesia, Have you ever visit Indonesia? is there any places you know and you want to visit in Indonesia? We have a lot of great beach or diving spot, like Labuan Bajo or Raja Ampat.

I never visit Indonesia before. I know Bali, I heard the beach is so very beautiful. I hope that one day I can visit Indonesia and meet all my fans there.

Do you have any plans to sing or cover Indonesian songs? I have some songs suggestion that being sang by international singer, like Separuh Aku or Hanya Rindu.

I know 2 Indonesian song, first one is the song call “to the bone” from Pamungkas and second one is “Serenata Jiwa Lara” from Diskoria featuring Dian Sastrowardoyo. Each song is really beautiful and even I can’t understand a word but the vibes and the sound of the song is so goods. If I have a chance, I will definitely cover it for sure and you have any other great song, please advise me.

About Thai entertainment and future plans

Nowadays, Thai entertainment industry gaining lots of popularity internationally what do you think about it?

It’s awesome, it really good that our Thai entertainment is getting worldwide. the entertainment can create one kind of power, what we call “Soft power”. We can use this soft power to expand our market, our culture and attracted all the visitor to Thailand through it.

How did you see yourself in the next 5 years and 10 years’ time?

I want to see myself in the world market. I want to take part in the Hollywood and being one of the multi-talented artists that driving the positive energy to the society, the audience and all my fans.

That’s all! Thanks to Mew Suppasit and Mew Suppasit Studio for accommodating us for this interview! To al the fans please share this interview! Hope you like it.

-Edwin Joo-

About Edwin Joo (54 Articles) Founder. Follow him on twitter: @edwinjoo, he is a vivid fanboy of Infinite. You can send him an email as well to

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  1. Beautiful inteview with Mew about his career, and his future plans.


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