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Rahmania Astrini and Her Story Joining ‘ME ME WE’ Project, Music, and Hope

Many of you might have known the recent collaboration across 6 countries with 8 artists for the song ‘ME ME WE’. Ailee, Ravi, NewKidd from Korea, Rahmania Astrini from Indonesia, Aizat Amdan from Malaysia, Chillies from Vietnam, PAAM from Thailand, and Quest from Philippines, hand in hand lending their voices to give comfort for everyone who’s battling with the pandemic.

KoreanUpdates have a special opportunity to attend the media junket held by Warner Music Indonesia to talk and know more about the multi talent girl, Rahmania Astrini.

Rahmania Astrini and ‘ME ME WE’ Project

The project ‘ME ME WE’ it self is a short project she received while working on her next EP (spoiler she’s going to release an EP this year!). As this is such a huge opportunity for her to collaborate with overseas singer, she happily accepted it. She shared the struggle was real as she needs to learn the song fast (1 week) and need to send all the recording equipment to her home in Bandung all the way from Jakarta. “Because usually we do brainstorming in the studio, now I have to do it alone and I need to install and understand the software, I became the sound engineer for my self.”

Astri (her nickname) also shared her excitement for this project, “I still couldn’t believe it till now, my voice were heard not only in Indonesia but across Asia.” (PS: we believe this song has spread worldwide!). As a new artist (compared to the other singer in project) having a collaboration with the experienced singer is such a huge honor for her and because of the good cause, hopefully the song will bring happiness & comfort to remind us all that we’re not alone fighting against the pandemic.

Rahmania Astrini and Music

During the pandemic we’re encouraged to stay at home, so does Astri. Staying at home means more me time for her and being productive writing & composing a song for her next project. “But it actually give me new routine such as working out at home with Youtube as guidance, making my own coffee, and gaming with my brothers, bonding time!” Also revealed that she actually love singing at home which also to maintain her vocal during the times like this when there’s no show (her last show was on February). Her longing for singing is at least cured by singing for this ‘ME ME WE’ project.

Talking deeper about music, Astri is one of those people who doesn’t want to follow the algorithm of suggested music (on music platform). She said, “If I follow that (and listen to the suggested music they compiled by algorithms), we became homogeneous, we won’t have our own unique references, then it’s not about music anymore but other things.” Astri surely has strong mindset when it comes to her music. Her strong will to release her own song made her slowly growing from releasing a single, EP, then a hopefully a full album as she want it to be good and will take 1 year to brainstorm the ideas of 12 tracks.

Rahmania Astrini and Her Hope

I hope that with this song ‘ME ME WE’, people can get cheered up and moral support. Stay safe, stay sane, stay positive

Check out their latest project ‘ME ME WE’ here:

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