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A Day Full of Blessings for Indonesian Inner Circles That is WINNER ‘CROSS Tour in Jakarta’

The arrival of Winner in the concert titled “Winner Cross Tour In Jakarta” seemed to cure the longing of Inner Circle Indonesia (IC Indonesia) for this 4-member boy group from YG Entertainment. Their second concert in Jakarta was successfully held on Saturday, December 21, 2019 at the Tennis Indoor Senayan. Many exciting moments happened during their concert. Want to know more? Let’s look at the full story.

They are Very Happy to Come Back to Jakarta


Have come to Indonesia for three times, Winner seems to have a lot of memories and impressions while in Jakarta. They even already speak fluently with IC Indonesia in Bahasa.

Yoon: Halo, aku Yoon. Welcome to Winner Cross Tour in Jakarta. Let’s get it!!

Jinu: Hai, aku Jinu. Enjoy the show.

Mino: What’s up Jakarta, this is Mino. Apa kalian kangen kami? Kami kangen kalian. (T/N: Do you miss us? We miss you)

Hoony: Halo aku Kokoh Hoony. Supaya lebih semangat aku ingin dengar suara kalian. (T/N: Hi, I’m Hoony. To lift up your spirit let’s hear some noise.)

It is very surprising that Hoony calls himself Kokoh Hoony which is a special nickname from IC Indonesia for him. In addition they also discussed their favorite food while in Jakarta to the stage. Yoon repeatedly said that he really liked Nasi Goreng. He even shared his video of eating his favorite food to his instastory when he arrived in Jakarta.


Yoon: Indonesia is my favorite country. Because of Nasi Goreng now I’m so powerful. Nasi Goreng power!!

Yoon even demonstrated how his expression was when he ate nasi goreng as he had uploaded it on instastory. In addition Winner is also very proud of IC Indonesia for their manner when welcoming Winner’s arrival at the Airport. Good job IC Indonesia.

Blessed Christmas for IC Indonesia


IC Indonesia, who came to Cross Tour again was surprised by the funny action of Winner. When they performed with “Hello” and “Zoo”, all the members changed costumes. Yoon as a Rudolf, Mino as Santa, Jinu as Olaf and Hoony as Elsa. On the stage, Hoony even acted like Elsa and sang the soundtrack of Frozen, “Let It Go” with other members dancing around him. They are like a Christmas present for the ICs

Yoon: I know it’s too early, but Merry Christmas all. I am very happy. I promise to come back in Jakarta.

Mino: Jakarta is so crazy, you have a big energy. Amazing!

Thank you Mecima for bringing Winner to meet IC Indonesia through Cross Tour in Jakarta and also for the memorable night. We hope Winner will come again soon.

Written by: Nur Kurniawati
Photos cr: YG Entertainment

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