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WINNER ‘CROSS Tour in Jakarta’: Performance of Another Level is Back

Winner once again greeted the fans in Indonesia through the concert titled “Winner Cross Tour in Jakarta” on Saturday, December 21, 2019. Taking place at Tennis Indoor Senayan, the second concert of boy group from YG Entertainment was their third visit to Indonesia after last September becoming a guess at the On Off Festival. Since morning, Indonesia’s Inner Circles (IC Indonesia) have fulfilled the venue despite the cloudy weather. So, let’s start the excitement of Cross tour in Jakarta.

Great Performances with Live Band


As you can imagine, Winner’s appearance never disappoints them. From the opening with the song “Everyday”, the four members of the Winner appeared stunning in white costumes. Followed by “Island”, “Really Really”, “MOLA”, and “Dress Up”. Their vocal abilities also make IC Indonesia shudder through “Different”, “Have a Good Day”, and “Raining.”

But the most interesting thing during their performance was the live band that accompanied them during the performance. That was so amazing, the live band took their performance to another level and different from other boygroup concerts. Each instrument played brings a different energy, atmosphere and feel to each of their performances. Unbelievable.

The Amazing Solo Stage from Each Member

Do not forget, not a Winner if there is no solo performance from each member. The first solo stage was opened by Hoony’s performance with “Flamenco”. He appeared very energetic wearing a matador-style costume, complete with a hat and red cloth in his hand. After appearing like a flamenco dancer, Hoony continued his powerful performance in all black costume with “Serenade.”


Jinu also enlivened the stage with Mino through his solo debut song “Call Anytime.” Both bring the joy and fresh vibes to stage. Jinu sweet vocals and Mino rap is a great combination. Then, Leader Yoon performed with a very strong vocal through “Instinctively” and “Wind.” He even played his guitar at the beginning of the show. All IC in the venue singing together with him.

Last solo performance, Mino come to the stage wearing glasses and fancy fur long coat. His appearance bring the atmosphere of Hip Hop and swag with the song “I’m Him”, “Trigger” and “Fiancé.” IC also being a rapper following Mino. It was amazing and lit solo stage.`

Even until the end of the concert, their performance remained stable and full of energy. This night full of memory will never be forgotten by IC Indonesia. Thank you Mecima for bringing Winner back to Indonesia through the Cross Tour in Jakarta. We hope Winner will come to Indonesia soon. 


Written by: Nur Kurniawati
Photos cr: YG Entertainment

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