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DAY6 Gravity in Jakarta Day 2: An Emotional Yet Memorable Night for MY DAY

After a long wait, DAY6 finally visited Jakarta for DAY6 Gravity in Jakarta. This time, their concert was even bigger, two days concert at Tennis Indoor Senayan.

On Day 2, which is their last day concert, the concert began at 7:00 PM, DAY6 welcomed their fans on their concert with a powerful voice, they sang “Best Part” as the opening song, followed by “Sing Me”, “Wish”, “Somehow” and their remarkable song “Time of Our Life”.

A Super Warm Greeting from DAY6

After sang 5 songs, DAY6 greeted all MY DAYs one by one. Even Wonpil and Dowoon tried to speak in Bahasa to greet all fans who attended the concert.

Dowoon: “Terima kasih, Apa Kabar, Dowoon.. Halo, Kami Dowoon”

followed up by all MYDAY laughters because Dowoon really made our day.

It was such a warm greeting from them, made us all feel close to them. Jae was really impressed with the fans who really enjoyed the concert and behaved well during the performance, he thanked all MYDAY for have seated while enjoying the music and said they are going to make all MYDAY proud of them.

Surprising Performances from DAY6 and each members

Show must go on, DAY6 continued their concert with “So Cool”. As the song goes on, Dowoon and YoungK put a very surprising solo performance in between, combined the rhythm from Dowoon’s drum and YoungK’s bass. All MYDAY cheered over them as they perform the solo performance. YoungK said the solo performance which they performed earlier was the very last time of them performing it, because the newest version will come out real soon, we really anticipate the newest version of their solo performance, don’t we?

They continue the stage with “Out of My Mind” and “Feeling Good”.

After Ment Session, they moved to the center stage and cooled down the stage with “How to Love” followed by Sungjin’s guitar solo. The solo sounds really soothing, it calmed our heart, like really… Then, they sang “For Me” and “Wanna Go Back”.

They gave us a very special mashup performances, mixing their own song with other songs, here is the list: “Shape of You (Ed Sheeran) x Like That Sun”, “Days Gone By x Treasure (Bruno Mars)”, “Get Lucky (Daft Punk) x Blood”. Wonpil closed the mashup performance with his keyboard and synth solo, giving a festival vibes.

They rocked the stage a little bit more, by coming back to their earlier songs. They heated the stage up with “Colors”, “I Need Somebody” and “I Wait”. All of us already know that it won’t be a DAY6 concert without MYDAY singing the whole DAY6 songs. DAY6 asked all MYDAY to sing along several songs, it was like a karaoke session in a big concert hall. Good Job MY DAY!

Next, DAY6 performed their latest title track “Sweet Chaos” to heat the stage up even more, then continued it with “Headache” and Jae’s electric guitar solo. Jae performed a powerful guitar play, as we were impressed while watching him. The stage was getting hot as DAY6 performed “WARNING” and “Shoot Me”.

Written by: Angela Miranti

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