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DAY6 Gravity in Jakarta: A Warm Wrap-Up of Our Beautiful 2 Days

Another half of the concert followed “Shoot Me” performance, which felt like magic but sadly was sign that we were getting closer to closure.

Thank you for being our days, DAY6

Came back to stage with another outfit, DAY6 gave a melancholy performance with “Cover”, “You Were Beautiful” and “Congratulations” in all colourful lights on by all MYDAY. It was a beautiful moment, where they made the bond between them even stronger. All MYDAY sang along with DAY6.

Photo Session Time! Well not yet, MYDAY also prepared a very special video for DAY6 that day. We sang Reff part of “I Smile” in English for DAY6 while the video was being played.

DAY6 was very touched by it, thanked all MYDAY for being there for them. The photo session wrapped up by taking photo with the project banners and colourful lights on as well.

They gave a closing speech one by one. They kept reminding all MYDAY to stay healthy, that health is the most important thing so that MYDAY can meet DAY6 again in the future. YoungK looked like he was teared up a little bit, also said that we have to stay healthy and be happy. Jae said that he was happy to see us, even most of us have problems, but we came as one and blew the stress away, made a beautiful moment together with DAY6. They thanked all MYDAY in the end before moving to encore stage.

Encore! Encore! Encore!

Moving to the center stage again, They performed two encore songs starts from “Dance Dance” then followed by “Freely”. Two was not enough, we demand more!

MYDAY kept shouting “Encore! Encore! Encore!” to DAY6 who were about to leave the stage. They heared us, they discussed on the stage before asked us what song they should perform for the last time.

“How about “My Day”?”

And finally they performed “My Day” for the last song of the day. Members were even freely went to some sections to approach MY DAY closer. Young K even went in to Blue section, but proud of MY DAY, they really behaved well.

It was a really beautifully emotional night, it’s remarkable, memorable, unforgettable. Best night ever! Thanks to our beloved Mecima Pro for making the night possible and we hope to see you x DAY6 again in the future!

Written by: Angela Miranti

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