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SEVENTEEN – CARATs, The Unbroken Bond

A 3 hours sing along on the ocean of Carat-bong, the prettiest moment of Indonesia CARATs with their lovely idol, SEVENTEEN

A year since they come to Indonesia, SEVENTEEN expressed their longing to the fans.

“Kami kangen kalian (We miss you)”, said DK in a bahasa which was greeted with enthusiastic from fans.

Hoshi, one of the members who performed with full of energy that night, walked to the front stage while shouting, “What time is it?”.  Then he looks happy and satisfied when fans answer “10:10” as expected, showing their bond as both quickly grasp the ment.

The members also revealed they were impressed with Carat’s voice before the concert began. Dino was touched when he heard Carats singing before the concert, while Wonwoo said he was surprised, because of the extraordinary fan energy.

SEVENTEEN and their bond with Indonesia CARATs

It’s not SEVENTEEN, if they can’t made the concert stage turn into comedy stage! The members want to check the energy from fans but they made fans burst into laughter instead.

Start from the maknae, Dino shouted “MANA SUARANYAA?!!! (Where’s your voice?)” in bahasa Indonesia fluently, which made fans on  shocked at first and  laugh loudly. Not only that, the fans keep laughing as they bring back the iconic “Oh My God Jasmine” from Seungkwan, the king of variety and  “Gentleman” from the most sweet gentleman, Joshua. The shouted can proved that Carats still in full energy.

Wonwoo also shared about his trip to Yogyakarta with S.coups and Jeonghan during Battle Trip program. He revealed, whenever he heard “Terimakasih (Thankyou)”, its remind him to Battle Trip and “Mahal (Expensive)”, the word that they frequently used to negotiate expensive things. The members started to said “Mahal” in cute way that made fans going crazy.

A Promise to Return with More Extraordinary Stage

When the concert approaching an end, during the ending ment SEVENTEEN conveyed their gratitude for Carat’s extraordinary welcome and energy, also promised to return soon.

Joshua: “We knew you have been waiting us for a long time, so we hope  this concert will satisfy you. We will be back soon to show you more extraordinary stage and concert. Are you will coming again later? Promise? Sampai Jumpa lagi! (See you again!)”

Jun: “Before going on stage, at the backstage I also heard Carats extraordinary voice. It turned out that the voice had not changed, it was still very beautiful until now. Today is amazing, thanks to you all! Sampai jumpa lagi, aku cinta kamu (See you again, I love you)”.

Yes we do wish for another meeting with you guys on another time!

Reporter: Mutia

Photo: Mecima Pro


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