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HobbyGround 2019 Day 1: Welcome to the Hallyu Island!

The Hallyu wave came to Hobby Ground. Located at Plaza Barat Senayan, the festival program which was held by became a meeting place for communities and other hobby lovers not only for Hallyu, but also such as Rides and Super Street. This event was held for two days, 2-3 November 2019 and started from 10:00 am.

So, let’s take a peek at the excitement of the Hallyu Zone on HobbyGround Day 1.

The first session on the Hallyu HobbyGround was the Dance Cover Workshop by Mahdi and ZT from Invasion Boys. Here the visitors could learn to be a dancer as well as tips and tricks when dancing especially for K-pop dance covers. In addition, you also could practice the results of the previous workshop by dancing with Mahdi and ZT in the last session. Very exciting, right!

After participating in the workshop, you could join the K-pop dance cover competition. There were a lot of rookie dance groups participating in the competition, like dance cover group BTS, EXO to X1. Fan chant from the audience for the performers was as enthusiastic as watching idol performances.


Satisfied watching K-pop dance cover, time to move in session chit-chat with Pink Panda.
Pink Panda was one of the Blackpink dance cover groups, who won the dance cover competition held directly by YG. Their dancing video cover was even posted on the official Blackpink Instagram account. In this Community Talk session, Pink Panda shared the story of their journey as a successful K-pop dance cover.

Feeling hungry? Now it’s time to eat. The next event was a Workshop with Jun Chef. Here you can learned how to cook Korean food namely Kimbap and Tteokbokki directly from Jun Chef. You could see the cooking demo from Jun chef and know the true recipe for Korean food. You could also review the food made by Jun chef at the workshop earlier.


The stomach is full, we moved again to the next event, which is a dance performance from the Invasion Boys. Even though it was raining, there were still many K-pop fans waiting for their performance. Under the drizzle, they remained strong featuring medley covers, ranging from X1, SuperM, EXO, IKON to BTS.

Besides attending the event, there were also booths at the Hallyu zone. You could try wearing Hanbok, karaoke together, try Tarot reading, or buy your favorite K-pop merchandise. So your experience with Hallyu was very complete here, thank you Kaskus!

Written by: Nur Kurniawati

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