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The Korean Acts of We The Fest 2019

We’ve heard about DEAN, Yaeji, and Rad Museum. We’ve heard about We The Fest but have we heard about them together? Well wait no more, this year, We The Fest is inviting our favorite musicians to entertain us on stage. Yes, you read that right, DEAN, Yaeji, and Rad Museum are all going to be in one event.

ISMAYA presents DEAN, Yaeji, and Rad Museum on stage for We The Fest 2019! They will be visiting Jakarta and gracing us with their presence with their amazing vibe and music in a night to remember. We The Fest is an annual summer festival held in Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta with music, arts, fashion, food and culture all merged into one event, naming it one of the most looked forward festival of the year.

DEAN, who was born and raised in South Korea, is one of the only Korean acts who made their debut in the American market before the South Korean market. He spent his early childhood with music as his escape and writing songs in his bedroom without his parents knowing who then eventually became his first supporters. His American debut was done with a Grammy singer-songwriter, Eric Bellinger with a single titled “I’m Not Sorry” and his South Korean debut was his second single “Pour Up” who he collaborated with Zico in making. He’s currently in part of Fanxy Child and Club Eskimo (with Rad Museum).

Born and raised in the US, Yaeji’s love for music started when she moved back to South Korea in third grade when the internet was her friend because she kept on moving schools–which included moving to Japan for a bit before completing her school years in South Korea. Eventually, she went back to the US to pursue tertiary education in which she found her love for DJ-ing and moved to New York after graduation to get involved in the music scene where she released her first single, “New York 93” referring to the year when she was born.

Starting off his career as a graphic designer under the alias Camper, Rad Museum—born Soh Jaehoon—has an interesting way of debuting to the world. Rolling Stone called him “cinematic and versatile” and within one-year of DEAN (his fellow crewmate) introducing him through an Instagram LIVE, he released his first EP “Scene” in 2017.

With the 3 flying out from South Korea to humid Indonesia, we can definitely expect a highly-energetic and amazing performance. Don’t forget to catch them in We The Fest 2019 which is going to be held on the 19th to 21st of July 2019 by ISMAYA in JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia. So what are you waiting for? Tickets are already on sale on the We The Fest website which includes but is not limited to daily passes, get your tickets now. Be there or be squared!

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