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The Last Charm: Seo Kang Joon Live in Manila

“I keep on thinking of it, I’m curious about it.”

The Last Charm: Seo Kang Joon Live in Manila, held last May 25th 2019, Saturday, at the New Frontier Theater started off with an AVP of Seo Kang Joon photos with VIXX’s Is It Love as the background music – a soundtrack from Kang Joon’s hit series Are You Human.

Fans all over were equally hyped up because finally, they would be meeting the young actor.

The AVP stopped in the middle, the lights were suddenly shut off and the sound of an acoustic guitar filled the theater. Seo Kang Joon entered the stage to serenade his fans with his song, another soundtrack from the series Are You Human titled Your Are My Love.

His beautiful hazelnut eyes captured the hearts of many as they sparkled under the spotlight. He was sincerely looking at the audience as he sang throughout, gracefully serenading the crowd with his calm majestic voice.

Kang Joon greeted his fans with a big bright face, waving happily as he smiled. The host for the evening, Ms. Sunny, entered the stage and asked Kang Joon some questions that fans were curious about as well.

Kang Joon talked about the delicious dishes he ate when he was at the hotel and that he liked the meat dish particularly, which they assumed was Liempo. I can tell that he’s a foodie who likes to cook and eat! He also mentioned that he wanted to go and visit Boracay to do scuba diving and snorkeling. Wow, we’d love to go there with you Kang Joon!

One of the most anticipated segment during fan meets is… drum roll… the GAMES segment!

The organizers prepared fun interesting games not only for the fans, but also for Kang Joon to play as well. Yes! Even Kang Joon joined the fun and it was adorable to watch the young actor dedicatedly play the games as his fighting spirit was high as well. Cutie!

The three games prepared were called Ring Toss wherein the player to shoot the most rings on the cones wins; Stack Attack, a quite a difficult game where in the player had to stack the cups according to three levels / patterns, and last, Key to My Heart where they have to open three boxes, fastest one wins the game.

Participants for the games were picked by Kang Joon himself through a raffle draw, and the exciting part was, whoever won the games would have the chance to roll a dice with amazing prizes written on it. By saying amazing, I meant… drum roll…

A staring prize with Seo Kang Joon

A hugging prize with Seo Kang Joon

Look at how adorable Kang Joon was!

Even fans seated enjoyed watching their fellow fans play games with Kang Joon. Yes, we should have the sharing heart.  

After the games segment, Kang Joon serenaded the fans yet again this time with an English song, the well-known Thinking Out Loud originally sung by Ed Sheeran. He said he wanted to sing this song because he thought that the fans would know the song, and that he would want them to sing along with him. How sweet and thoughtful!

When asked what he liked about Are You Human, he mentioned that he really wanted to try and portray two roles – which actually happened in Are You Human! He was also asked about his recent drama The Third Charm and how he felt about its story. The young actor shared how the viewers can relate to the pain and relationships portrayed in the drama, and that he was more like his character Joon Young in this is series rather than his other role in Are You Human.

Kang Joon also mentioned that he was wondering why his fans like him. This was when his fans reacted laughing and screaming, because, come on Kang Joon, are you not likeable???

So through his fans support and love, whenever he would meet his fans through press conference or fan meetings, he said that he would always prepare well to show them the good side of him. Sweet.

He also shared that if he was not an actor right now, he would probably be working in a Meat House – Samgyupsal Restaurant because he liked meat, even if he doesn’t really cook. Fans laughed at the statement and told him that they would cook for him. “You’ll cook for me?” Kang Joon asked as he smiled and pointed.

The last segment of the show, which was, I think his favorite part – food tasting. Yuuum!

The organizers prepared four dishes for him:

Empanada from Ilocos with vinegar – He liked the Empanada but not the vinegar. He said it was too sour for him.

Lechon – he even gracefully put the sauce on the meat. He looked really happy as he munched. But of course, it’s meat!

Leche Flan – he took a small bite at first then his eyes sparkled because of the sweetness so he took another bite. Cutie!

Sago’t Gulaman – He was asked to make himself a glass of Sago’t Gulaman. The ingredients were prepared and the host instructed him on what to do and what to put. He looked dedicated as he mixed and put the ingredients. So-chef like!

And… Two lucky fans got to taste Kang Joon’s Sago’t Gulaman. How envious!

But among the four dishes, his favorite? Lechon, of course – because it’s meat!

An AVP prepared by his fan base, Seo Kang Joon Philippines was played as the crowd quieted down and looked at the screens. The AVP showed various videos of Kang Joon and at the latter part, photos of fans were showed as they worked hard for his fan projects and local events.

Kang Joon watched with awe and so did the fans in the venue. It was truly a heartwarming video for all of us. We share the same sentiments for such dedication and effort in projects.

Seo Kang Joon Philippines also gifted Kang Joon a fondant cake, which Kang Joon tried touching, and commented on, “Is this edible?” as he laughed. So cute and adorable!

Thank you Seo Kang Joon Philippines for making the fan meeting memorable not only for Kang Joon, but also for the fans! Kudos!

Lastly, Kang Joon serenaded his fans with another English song titled Falling Slowly originally performed by Glen Hansard. Fans watched and stared at him all throughout because they knew, the fan meet was about to end.

That concludes The Last Charm: Seo Kang Joon Live in Manila! But The Last Charm doesn’t mean that he won’t be coming back because Kang Joon is looking forward to meet his fans again and we will be looking forward!

Right now, Kang Joon is filming his new series Watchers, set to air this July 2019.

Thank you CDM Entertainment for making this event memorable and possible. The fans surely enjoyed and had a great time attending! 😊


Look at the continuous line of fans waiting to meet Kang Joon up close through a hi-touch event.



Presscon photos by: Mikhaela Javier

Fanmeet photos and article by: Michelle Ong


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