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Bae Jin Young: Flying Solo

You have everything to be excited about: you’re the one in charge, you call the shots, and you make things happen for yourself. But, being on your own comes with hurdles – something Bae Jin Young braves to knock over!

Bae Jin Young rose to fame during Produce 101 Season 2, and successfully debuted as a member of former idol group Wanna One, who held their last concert earlier this year. Since its farewell, Jin Young took a detour as he navigated his career as a solo artist. His first stop – a solo fan meeting tour around Asia!

Bae Jin Young 1st Asia Fan Meeting Tour <I’M YOUNG> first saw a filled-to-the-brim venue in Seoul as it kicked off with a two-day show. The fan meeting was packed with covers of fan-favorite songs and powerful dance moves. He even took everyone on a nostalgic trip down memory lane as he performed his former idol group’s hits, leaving fans wanting more as the show wrapped up. His next stop – Manila!

The Manila leg of the fan meeting will be held on May 18, 2019, 6 PM, at the New Frontier Theater (formerly KIA Theatre). Aiming to shine light on his talents as a solo performer, expect sure-fire performances, colorful corners, and talk segments PLUS more surprises.

“It feels awkward that we, who were happy, can no longer see each other. It’s hard to accept the end.” sings Jin Young treating fans to his more matured side. The song featured the singer’s soft vocals and showed his vulnerable side as he channeled all emotions in the song’s music video. Watch it here!

With more amazing surprises cooking, you might just get first taste! Get a chance to hear the song LIVE in Manila! Tickets for the fan meeting are now available. Get them here!

Bae Jin Young becomes the second member from Wanna One to visit the Philippines for a solo fan meeting. Further stops of the tour will include Osaka, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Taiwan before he takes part in the soon-to-debut idol group C9BOYZ.

Many believe “there are few things that a person can do entirely by themselves.” Yet, Bae Jin Young flies against these odds bravely, doing things on his own. With things looking up for him, there’s no way to go but forward, flying solo.


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