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How We Spent a Great First Concert Night with Lovelyz in Singapore!

Woolim Entertainment’s first ever Girl Group – Lovelyz – who is famous for their cute and lovely image, held their first ever concert here in Singapore last  Sunday.

Lovelyz started off the concert with white outfit and sang “Lost N Found” from their  mini album ‘SANCTUARY’; and the venue was fill with Lovelinus’ (Lovelyz’s fans) screaming . The Girls introduced themselves in using English to the fans after the first performance, fans were showered with loves as they can see the effort  Lovelyz put in while trying to speak in English.

Moving forward to the next song of the concert, Lovelyz requested  the fans to sing along  if they know the songs, as this gives them more “power” to perform on stage. Lovelyz performed a variety of their famous hits from “Ah-Choo!” and “Destiny”  “1 CM” to “Cameo”.

During the concert, Lovelyz wore the cute headbands on stage and threw presents towards the crowd . The girls were showing aegyo to the crowd, making the fans laughing as Lovelyz were touched by how good the fans were when they sang along during “Joyland”. Lovelyz is really showing their best in interacting with the fans by speaking as much English as they can during the concert.

Towards the end of the concert ,the fans memorized and shouted out the fanchant for the song “첫눈(First Snow) ” when it was being performed.It was loud and clear that it surprised Lovelyz. The girls made a promise to return to Singapore in the future be it a fanmeeting or performance as they were enjoying among themselves .

During the last song “Goodnight Like Yesterday’, the members were seen crying and  having difficulty in continuing to sing. The girls cant bear to say goodbye to the  Singapore , but all good things have to come to and end when Lovelyz thanked the fans once again before leaving off the stage , and marks the end of the concert in SingaporeThis tour also marks Lovelyz’ fourth solo concert since their debut and is the first time Lovelyz held tour outside Korea .

Korean updates would like to thank IME for the invitation to the concert.

Written by: Jennifer Teh

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