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[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Lovelyz on How They Love Music and Adore Their Fans

We feel so lucky because Korean Updates had yet another chance to interview a bunch of adorable people. Lovelyz, who debuted back in 2014, sat and answer our questions about the group, their music, and of course fans as their core energy. All of the members adorably gave us their answer on each question. Find below to fall in love with the 8 members just like us.

Is there a genre you would like to explore in your music?

(Baby Soul) I want to try to act or do musical while still pursuing music
(Jiae) I wish we can do any genre, but still making people know that it’s Lovelyz
(Jisoo) Dream Pop
(Mijoo) Girl crush image
(Kei) Doing musical is my second dream!
(Jin) We often heard how Lovelyz sings Ballad well too, so it will be nice to promote Ballad song once in a while like our senior BTOB
(Sujeong) Girl crush
(Yein) Girl crush will be good!

We love your cover videos! Do you have any song that you would love to cover in the near future? Please give us a sneak peek.

(Baby Soul) There is a lot of song I want to cover. Because I like pop songs, I want to try covering pop songs with my, Lovelyz’s style. It will be fun to rearrange K-Pop songs and cover them.
(Jiae) Instead of covering songs by big seniors, I want to try to sing remake versions of their songs. For example, songs similar to Kang Soo Ji’s “Violet Fragrance” or “Last Night Story” by Sobangcha
(Jisoo) I’m interested in covering Troye Sivan’s songs
(Mijoo) I’d like to try any boy group’s song
(Kei) Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”~ I’d love to show Lovelyz in dark image too
(Jin) Personally, I want to cover a lot of male soloist’s songs like from Ra.D or Paul Kim
(Sujeong) I choose Yoon Sang’s “One Step Closer”
(Yein) I want to try singing “Calmly” from Lucia (Shim Kyu Sun)

What is your most favorite memory of being a Lovelyz member so far?

(Baby Soul) Every time I feel connected with fans as our eyes met each other
(Jiae) The day we did Lovelyz’ first ever concert
(Jisoo) There is been no other than good memory, but I can’t ever forget that nice tingling feeling on the day of our first concert when the curtain was slowly going up and we saw our fans in front of us
(Mijoo) The memory of our first win
(Kei) I feel so lucky to be able to do anything with our Lovelinus
(Jin) The moment when we did our concert. Perform solely in front of Lovelinus who love us, in a space that only both of us presented, that way we connected with each other. I will never forget the time when our fans worked hard on cheering us with their light sticks while we sang on the stage
(Sujeong) My favorite moment is every time members cheered for each other before we go up stage
(Yein) It makes me happy anytime we could show cool performances for our fans

If you were to be born again, do you have any career that you think would suit you aside of being idol?

(Baby Soul) An artist who writes her own songs or an actress
(Jiae) I’d like to try acting
(Jisoo) For now, I want to try to be a Youtuber with various skills. Making things, eating, tasting, a Youtuber that can show a fun daily life for anyone who watch my videos
(Mijoo) Doctor
(Kei) Model. I love seeing how cool models are on the runway
(Jin) Hmm..Instead of naming a career, I thought of studying overseas
(Sujeong) A songwriter
(Yein) Modern dancer!

Who is your inspiration for music career and why?

(Baby Soul) My sister inspired me. Since we were young, I often hear her sing and love it. Then I tried to follow her steps
(Jiae) I will say that I love to stand on stage, rather than taking inspiration from others. I gain more confidence seeing fans who love and cheering for us. Seeing them making me realize that I love to be on stage, that’s why I want to deliver those nice feelings through music
(Jisoo) I first got acquainted with soundtracks of Japanese animation. After then I came to like bands and rock songs from Japan
(Mijoo) My parents! I’ll tear up as soon as I think about them
(Kei) BoA is my role model. I’ve heard her songs for so many times and learned from her
(Jin) Taeyeon! I just like all songs that she sang. I’m really a big fan of her ㅠㅠ
(Sujeong) My mother and father. They let me listen to various music genre since I was a little
(Yein) My father! He often plays acoustic guitar since I was young, so thanks to him I got used to music and came to love it!

If you could use a metaphor to explain the meaning of your fans to you, what would it be?

(Baby Soul) The other me?
(Jiae) My source of strength! I become stronger because of my fans. It’s not just for the sake of saying it, but no matter how many fans there are, they cheer me up
(Jisoo) I used to believe that the word “forever” doesn’t exist in this world, but now I hope that they (fans) will exist “forever” at least in my heart
(Mijoo) My star
(Kei) I feel Lovelyz is like the sky to Lovelinus. I wish we can be a group that our fans look up to just like the blue sky
(Jin) My life’s turning point!
(Sujeong) The reason I sing
(Yein) The reason of Jung Yein’s existence

What is the thing that your fans have done so that you like the most? The one that you remember the most.

(Baby Soul) In our recent concert while singing the last song, I was deeply touched when it was suddenly quiet and I saw our pictures and interviews, as well as fans’ diaries that they have compiled for us
(Jiae) I love hearing the chant that fans shout whenever I sing my part on “Ah-choo”
(Jisoo) A book that given to me which consist of letters from fans
(Mijoo) The voices of our fans when they are supporting us
(Kei) I gain a lot of strength whenever I see fans holding up and waving slogans with my name on it
(Jin) I love to see them smiling and crying along with me in concert
(Sujeong) The event that they held for us on our concert before it ended
(Yein) The moment when they sang “Good Night Like Yesterday” with us on our first concert

Do you have any cute secret within the members that you can share to us? It can be good habit or cute accident.

(Baby Soul) Jiae has this habit of asking others to take things for her, even the ones that is really close to her. So, I said this once to her, “but you can reach them just by stretching your arm or pull yourself up a little bit”
(Jiae) Yein’s feet turn into dance position when she sleeps
(Jisoo) Members like to say they are full while keep eating their foods
(Kei) (Baby) Soul sometimes talks to herself and she looks so cute while doing so
(Jin) I think Yein looks so cute when she eats fruits that her mother bought for her. She doesn’t know that I think so
(Sujeong) Yein always frowns her eyebrows when she focuses on something
(Yein) (Baby) Soul likes to wash herself meticulously and I found that so cute and I smiled seeing that

This year will be your 5th debut anniversary, what kind of special gift in mind that you would to give to yourself or fans?

(Baby Soul) As we had worked hard, I want to throw a party together. Our 5th anniversary party!
(Jiae) I want to give a better song as a gift to fans on the next album
(Jisoo) If there’s a chance to give something to fans, I want to give something that I can make. Maybe lip balm or cookie
(Mijoo) I want to build a memory with fans
(Kei) I want to go MT with fans! Seems it will be an unforgettable present~
(Jin) For me is macbook and writing lyrics, I want to buy an equipment to compose a song! So, I can give a song that I compose as present
(Sujeong) I want to give cover video.. or I want fans to hear a new song
(Yein) I want to do voluntary job with fans!

If you could introduce Lovelyz in 5 words (in Korean) to new fans, what would it be?

(Baby Soul) Your strength!
(Jiae) Lovelinus
(Jisoo) You can’t get out..or Be prepared!
(Mijoo) You can’t go out
(Kei) Innocent girls
(Jin) Family-like friend
(Sujeong) Your sanctuary
(Yein) Forever friend

What is your favorite activity to do in your leisure time?

(Baby Soul) Workout, watching movie while lying down, listen to music
(Jiae) Shopping! Travelling!
(Jisoo) Go around shopping
(Mijoo) Listening to music
(Kei) Looking around for restaurant, I like going around to find restaurant with my mom during my holiday!
(Jin) I went sleep… sleep sleep sleep
(Sujeong) Window shopping for clothes
(Yein) Go to restaurant

Can you please tell us your most favorite moves from Lovelyz’s dance performance?

(Baby Soul) This one, we perform “Daydream” for the first time at our concert, I like that choreo the most. It’s really fast and hard to catch the breath, but there’s pleasure coming out from there
(Jiae) For me, the choreography for ballad is really pretty!
(Jisoo) Now that I think about it, we really have a lot of strong and powerful choreographies
(Mijoo) The rap part of “Daydream”
(Kei) I think the sneezing choreography in “Ah-Choo” chorus is lovely and fit really well!
(Jin) It’s difficult, but among the songs we recorded, it’s “Daydream” choreo ^^
(Sujeong) I like “Daydream” choreo the most
(Yein) I like “Daydream” choreo!

When is the time you felt the happiest you are a Lovelyz member?

(Baby Soul) Just knowing that I’m Lovelyz, I’m happy. That moment when I feel “I’m Lovelyz”
(Jiae) When Lovelyz are laughing happily together
(Jisoo) Always
(Mijoo) Every time we shout “Fighting” together before we go up on stage
(Kei) When Lovelinus is by my side, I’m really happy and assured!
(Jin) I always thankful on every moment, but I feel it the most during concert
(Sujeong) When Lovelyz and Lovelinus are together
(Yein) When fans shouted Lovelyz and when they shouted “Yein-ah!”

What is your group’s goal this year?

(Baby Soul) To be great in our field
(Jiae) I hope Lovelyz can meet overseas fan more, personally I think it’s been a while since Lovelyz’s reality show
(Jisoo) Not only fans, I hope a lot of people know and love Lovelyz songs more, so that we can be on top of the music chart
(Mijoo) Let’s go 1 more stair up
(Kei) I want to meet overseas fans more and find various image to show
(Jin) I want to meet fans in the world fast, more than anything I hope members won’t get hurt and always be healthy while doing our activities
(Sujeong) I want to give strength to Lovelinus through our song that can make you happy
(Yein) I hope to meet fans in the world often and having comeback with cool song

Message for Korean Updates followers.

(Baby Soul) From now on, please give lots of love to Lovelyz, we’ll show you better image, thank you!
(Jiae) Please love Lovelyz a lot! I still have a lot to show you, so please watch me prettily! Happy new year hope you always have a good day ahead!
(Jisoo) From now on, please look for Lovelyz often, and give lot of love!
(Mijoo) Hello, I’m Lovelyz Mijoo! Thank you for the love for our Lovelyz. In the future, I’ll work harder for Lovelyz. I love you
(Kei) Please love Lovelyz a lot from now on, I will repay you with better energy and better stage. I love you
(Jin) Hello! In the future, Lovelyz will show you lot of various activity 🙂 Hope for your attention and love!
(Sujeong) Please watch for Lovelyz’s good songs and activities in the future, hope you’ll get strength when listening to our song!
(Yein) KoreanUpdates followers! In the future Lovelyz will work hard for the stage to reward you, please pour your interest and love

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