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[FEATURE] Jam of the Week: Dream High K-Dreamers

In this world, there is no such thing as worthless dream – Jin Guk (Dream High)

We all have our dreams. Maybe it is to be a singer, or a journalist, or be someone in the science field. Big or small, it is still a dream. Everyone has a different dream and everyone has a different journey to go through. Only those who follow their dreams can truly achieve them.

Are you afraid of following your dreams because of the circumstances around you? Be not. Here are some songs from Dream High that will truly inspire you to follow your dreams and have the courage to face those challenges.


“I dream high, i’m dreaming so high. When it get’s tough I ‘m closing my eyes. Thinking all the mem’ries now I can see. This ain’t no fantasy, it’s reality”

When things are getting out of control, do not give up. Remember the things you’ve done, the things you’ve sacrificed for your dream. This is reality. The more trials towards your goal, the sweeter it will get once you achieved it. Just have the courage to finish it all. Drop the fear and walk with confidence.


“Today, I dream yet again. I see myself smiling. My hope that I will meet you for sure some day. I will wait until the day it becomes fulfilled”

There will surely come a time when you ask yourself if you’ll still be able to meet your dreams. Days pass by and you’re afraid that this dream may fade away. But remember what you said before. Remember what you promise for your dream. And your dream won’t get lost and arrive to you the right time you need it.


“so ayo put your hands in the air. Don’t give up the fight. Say it loud lets dream it up”

As the line goes, “Don’t give up the fight”, the song is simple telling to you to not give up on your dreams. Just put your hands up in the air and move a long with the beat of life. You can achieve your dream. This trial is just a part of the process.


“Though I may sway and be shaken. I can’t ever stop. In order to fulfill my dreams”

Walk slowly. Walk according to your face. If you feel like you are swaying and shaking, pause for a bit and breathe. Remember what your goal is and you will achieve it.


“I know you’ll be a super star. So don’t you worry where you are”

Another reason why you should not give up on your dreams is your family and friends believe in you. They believe that you can achieve everything when you put your mind in it and they are there to support you all throughout the way. The love that they will give to you will truly give your the courage to finish the journey.

We hope you’re inspired by these songs. You can achieve your dream. We believe in you!

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