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[FEATURE] Jam of the Week: Get Ready to be K-Spooky

Halloween is just around the corner. Are your Halloween playlists ready? If not yet, here are some of the songs we recommend you. While some of these songs might not necessarily for Halloween, but they do have some relationship with this holiday.

  1. VIXX – Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll is considered one of the goriest KPOP music videos ever. Its music is a mixture of gothic instrumentals and electro-pop which gave this song a more Halloween-feeling track. This song is about a guy being a doll to fight for the girl.

  1. Super Junior – Devil

For those who are looking for a less scary song for Halloween, Super Junior’s Devil is the exact song for you. It is an upbeat yet smooth pop song about how the girl makes the guy confused for being hot and cold that makes his throat get burned eventually.

  1. Speed – Zombie Party

Of course, Halloween won’t be complete without Zombie elements. Speed’s Zombie Party is a song about pretending to be a zombie who don’t look ahead and just be infected by the surrounding. This song somehow wants people to know that sometimes, being a zombie in life is fun.

  1. SHINee – Married to the Music

SHINee’s Married to the Music is a funky type of song you would want to listen to add a bit of a groove during holiday season. Its music video is inspired by some imagery of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. SHINee compared the girl as the music that they wanted, an amazing one.

  1. Twice – TT

Twice’s TT isn’t really the Halloween type of song which has a dark theme. But what made it related with Halloween is its music video which shows trick-or-treats and shows various costumes that you can use during your holiday celebration. This song is more about a girl who feels like crying because the guys is mean to her.


Are you all set for Halloween? We hope you enjoy it!

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