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An Up Close Fan Meeting with The Thai Actor, Gxxod Itthipat in Jakarta

The Thailand model-actor Gxxod Itthipat greet Indonesia TeamGxxod (fan club name) on his last stop of his fan meeting ‘Gxxod Itthipat 1st Greet Meet in Jakarta’.

Fans were able to see the actor up close at Aruba, The Kasablanka starting from 3 PM where several ticket holders are able to attend his rehearsal before the show. Starting sharp at 6.30PM, GXXOD finally went up on stage and greet all the fans. 

Having long-short talk GXXOD shared that he’s excited to meet his fans and being in Indonesia for the second time. Having a great year in 2018, GXXOD ask fans to wait for another project which he’ll deliver soon, seems 2018 will still be a busy year for the 23 years old actor. The segment continues as he talked about several photos which showed on screen and revealed he’s doing charity works during his last birthday August 4!

Fan meeting is not complete without fans’ participation, in this greet meet, GXXOD invited several fans on stage to play with him, striking pose together, choosing ideal type, jumping with rope, and even being drawn by him. Fans were all wishing their seat number to be chosen with the lucky draw. As the message board was brought up stage, GXXOD chose several post it questions  that fans’ has wrote before they entering the venue. “I recommend you to go to the beach in Thailand, there’re a lot of beautiful beach. And where if you want to see me? Of course, my house…” the answer causing big scream from fans.

Model, actor, and drawing skills, GXXOD has another hidden talent as he also sang 2 songs during his fan meeting! Kiss by Jetset’er and Secret by Project H were performed before finally GXXOD and TeamGXXOD taking a group picture together and marking the end of the fan meeting. 

The show then ended with hi touch session for all the fans attending the fan meeting.

We would like to thank LUMINA Entertainment for the invitation to attend the fan meeting. We can’t wait for your next project!

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