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Three Hours Sing-Along Session with Wannables in Wanna One’s “One the World in Jakarta”

What is your last concert? Our last concert was GOT7’s Eyes on You in Jakarta, and we didn’t think that we could find similar great energy so soon, but last night’s Wanna One world tour One the World in Jakarta has proved us wrong.

The heat can be felt straight from your first step to the outside of the venue, ICE BSD City, because of the unbelievably hot weather yesterday. Around the venue was packed here and there as we could see a lot of Wannables (Wanna One’s fans) standing outside before entering the venue or just simply to share their goods (or we usually call as “freebies”) to other fans before the concert started. We think it was the most we could find so far in term of amount of the freebies given, so we thought a lot of Wannables must be generous enough to share their happiness with others and the thought was strengthen by the energy we found inside the concert venue.

From the very top of the seating area, we could see the much crowded festival area below and we could know how there were indeed a lot of Wannables inside. Once the lights out, loud screams could be heard and even though there was a technical error in the beginning of the concert, Wannables’ energy was still strong enough to welcome Wanna One on the stage.

The concert was opened by the glorious “Burn It Up” and continued without stop with “Never”, “Energetic”, units performances of “11” & “Forever+1”, and “Boomerang” before the unfortunate event happened because of the fans in festival area. Turned out most of the audience in front of the standing pits were being pushed by ones behind them causing a lot to feel hurt and said there is no-space to move. The concert was stopped for about (less than) half an hour before the boys come out to stage and resumed with “Day by Day”, “Beautiful”, “I’ll Remember”, “Wanna”, and “Always”.

Before the next performances, Wanna One showed their attempt to flirt in Bahasa including cheesy lines “Cantik banget (So beautiful)”, “Lihat aku aja (Just look at me)”, and “Pegang tanganku (Grab my hand)” to give time for Seongwu and Daehwi to prepare for their “Hourglass” stage. The calm mood was then broken by the exciting “Kangaroo” and of course DJ Hankki (Yoon Jisung) stages! Jisung’s stage was honestly one of our most favorite moments from last night as the strong energy from Wannables got even more hyped up as he allowed us to let loose while he showed his DJ-ing skill.

Wanna One went back as full team to stage to bring “Wanna Be”, “Twilight”, “Nayana”, and “Gold” to life. Encore was opened by “Light” and Wanna One’s concert last night was officially wrapped up by “I.P.U. (I Promise U)”.

First of all, we want to say “what an exciting and enjoyable concert!” to Wannables who get us to sing-along fully throughout the concert because they didn’t skip any song, note “any song”, in the 3-hours concert last night. We at least expected that most Wannables are not possibly know all the songs down to their units’, but we were proved wrong as their voice could even beat the loud sound most of the time. A heartwarming moment could be seen when Wanna One sang their slower songs and the boys let their fans to sing in their stead and looking at their face we could tell that their hears were as warm as us who touched by the sight. As we stayed at the very back, we couldn’t see whether the fan project was succeed or not, so please let us know if you know about it!

Wanna One successfully delivered an enjoyable and memorable concert, even though unfortunately it felt a little rushed because of the delay in the beginning and the unfortunate event of pause in the middle. Thankfully we still got full set list last night and we don’t know if it was because we fortunately know all of Wanna One’s songs or not, but we really had fun last night completed by great audience around us with amazing reactions and wonderful manner (the seating area was incredible).

Just like the audiences, we hope IME could learn from what was lack yesterday and keep what had been good in the next event, but even with some minutes delay and a little pause, our gratefulness to the promoter is not the least for inviting Korean Updates once again to witness yet another marvelous show. And just like what the boys said, see you again really soon in Jakarta, Wanna One!

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