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14U to Also Visit Bandung & Bali to Greet Only U!

Guess what? We got a happy news for Only U in Indonesia. A rookie boy group, 14U / 원포유 (read: One For You), consists of 14 handsome and talented boys will come to Indonesia in May 2018. The boys: E.Sol (1992), Luha (1993), Gohyeon (1994), B.S (1995), Loudi (1996), Eunjae (1996), Woojoo (1996), Doyul (1997), Dohyuk (1998), Hyungwoon (1998), Hero (1999), Sejin (1999), Rio (1999), and Gyongtae (2000) debuted in July 2017 with title track “VVV”.

Lead by E.Sol, 14U will spread their wings not only in Jakarta, but also in Bandung and Bali! This has confirmed by Radiansyah Entertainment as the promoter. Here’s their schedule:

  • Jakarta, 12th May 2018
    14U Live Concert at Kuningan City Hall
  • Bandung, 13th May 2018
    14U Live in Bandung at Gor C-Tra Arena
  • Bali, 16th May 2018
    14U Meet & Greet, and Fansign at Renaissance Hotel

So, what are you waiting for??? Limited tickets are available.

For further information and where to buy tickets, you can contact here by WhatsApp:

Jakarta : +62 878 70335654‬
Bali : +62 897-7257- 502
Bandung : +62 812-2079- 3019
Instagram : @radiansyah_entertainment @14U_bali dan @koreanspringfest

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