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[Exclusive Interview] Get to Know More About MXM!

KoreanUpdates got the chance to exclusively interviewed MXM prior to their visit to Singapore later for their fanmeeting “MATCH UP” tour and we are excited to get to know more about the boys! Check out our interview below.

  1. As an idol duo, there must be some limitations as well as advantages for
    MXM, have you found any significant difference of doing activities as duo
    compares to soloists and groups?
    Youngmin: An advantage would be chemistry. Because it is just two of us, we really have to pay attention to one another and rely on each other. We have a good chemistry going on. A disadvantage would be the fact that we have to fill up the whole stage or video/photoshoots just two of us.
    Donghyun: It is nice that we only have to focus on one another, but when it comes to a performance, sometimes there is a limitation.
  2. You are the first ever idol debuted under Brand New Music, is there any
    special requirements that the agency wants you to do as their first idol group?
    Y: We always have pressures among ourselves that we have to do well, so that we do not interfere with other established Brandnew Music artists’ career and what they have accomplished already.
    D: Like Youngmin says, we always have pressures to do well among ourselves.
  3. Both of you have been known for your dancing and singing talents, is there
    any music program or variety show that you want to guest on? Why?
    Y: I really want to try hosting the TV music program.
    D: I want to try a cooking reality show.
  4. MXM has released a few songs now, which one is your favorite personally? Why?
    MXM: Gone Cold. It is very catchy and addictive with a sentimental feel
    to it.
  5. You have been nominated for New Artist Awards for a couple of times this year and we think it is amazing for MXM who has just debuted in latter half of 2018. Do you have any goal that you want to achieve this year?
    Y: We want this year to be an opportunity for us to be more known and be exposed to more people.
    D: I want to keep train myself as a more credible singer-songwriter, and
    also want to try acting.
  6. Even as rookies, MXM has successfully held overseas events and meet foreign fans throughout the year. What do you think is MXM’s appeal that attract international fans?
    Y: I think we are easily approachable with fresh, bubbly personalities.
    D: For me, I think our chemistry as a duo is appealing to the fans.
  7. Have you heard about Singapore before? What kind of expectation did you have before coming to this country?
    Y: I always wanted to visit Singapore as I realized that I was getting a lot of love from Singaporean fans. Cannot wait to be on stage.
    D: Because Youngmin lived in Singapore before, I have a feeling that Singapore is going to feel like a family.
  8. Singapore has been known as a multi-cultural country with various delicious foods and a lot of cultural places. Do you have any food that you especially want to try or place that you want to visit before coming back?
    MXM: Chili Crab!
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