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No More Tears, but Joyful Days in JBJ First Concert in Jakarta

After the previous concert in Bangkok, Thailand, Just Be Joyful (JBJ) successfully held their 1st concert “Joyful Days in Jakarta” on 7th April 2018 at The Kasablanka Hall – Kota Kasablanka. JBJ, an idol group that formed by popular demand of fans after Produce 101 Season 2, which consist of: Noh Taehyun, Kim Sanggyun, Kim Yongguk, Kwon Hyunbin, Kenta, and Kim Donghan, debuted on 18th October 2017.

The event started right at 18.30 with ‘My Flower’ as the opening song, which make them won their 1st trophy in Music Bank, followed by ‘Moonlight’ as the second song. Then, a black and white VCR was played showing all members together in a wide field with a counter clockwise, made all the audiences screaming sadly, considering that JBJ will end their contract in April 2018.

Continued with a solo stage for each member, started by Kim Sanggyun who performed his self-composed and self-written songs: ‘So Blind’ and ‘Whatever U Want’. Joyful widely cheers when Sanggyun got off the stage and came closer to the audiences. Then, dance machine leader, Noh Taehyun showing his powerful and synchronized dance, choreographed by SOREAL, that amazed everyone in the venue. Kwon Hyunbin started his solo stage with ‘Apa kabar?‘ (how are you), Joyful went wild because this is the 1st time a JBJ member say greeting in Bahasa during the event. Hyunbin present song: ‘GOD’, that tells a story about his struggle in life. After some pretty serious moment, then…Kenta came with a shining bling-bling purple jacket and performed a Yoko OginomeDancing Hero (Eat You Up) remix, blown away the audiences with a laugh and exciting scream because his performance was so hilarious, cute and funny!!. The up and down of the concert flow feels like a roller coaster because, after that, Kim Yongguk/Jin Longguo melt everybody’s heart with super popular Goblin OST – Beautiful (Crush). He said that he often sang this song during his trainee days and he wants to sing this to Joyful. And last but not least, the solo performance from sexy maknae, Kim Dong-han who danced to Taemin’s Move.

A VCR time-lapse since 2014 was shown, accompanied by screaming by fans and a solid fan chant ‘JBJ! JBJ!JBJ’ when they played ‘JBJ (intro)’ as the background music. Then, each member came out to the stage with a full white suit and perform ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Say My Name’. Some members greeting in Bahasa: ‘Apa kabar, nama saya seksi Kenta. Joyful Indonesia cakep!!!’ (How are you, my name is sexy Kenta. Indonesian Joyfuls are beautiful!), ‘Nama saya Taehyun, apa kabar?’ (My name is Taehyun, how are you?), ‘Aku cinta kalian!!!’ (I love you). The leader said that they’re really happy because this is the first time they come and perform for Indonesian Joyful. Meanwhile, during the other members chit-chat with fans, Sanggyun teased Donghan by dancing to Taemin’s Move, because he said that maknae was so sexy. Then, Donghan tease back Sanggyun by closing his eye (as Sanggyun used a black scarf as blindfold during his solo performance).

Performances was followed by ‘Wonderful Days’, during the beginning of the song, Hyunbin slightly do the choreograph wrongly, as a result: other boys tease him and they laugh at each other. Next song was ‘Ride With Me’ and ‘Pretty’. After the performance, they said that they wish to come earlier because Indonesian Joyful was so pretty. Then, Taehyun almost leaked their new song ‘New Moon’, but immediately prevented by Kenta shouting ‘Noo!’, Yong-guk screamed ‘Aaaaakk~!’ in order to us not hearing what Taehyun said, and Hyunbin shout ‘Forget about it!’.

Next song was ‘Everyday’, then VCR that showed each profile of JBJ’s members, at the end of the video they stated that ‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality’. Members came back to the stage and sang ‘As If In A Dream’. Followed by video project contains a thank you video from Indonesian Joyful, then Joyful raise hand banner, written: “Let’s Stay Together Forever” (in Hangul and English). Members said that they promise not to cry anymore, but they were very touched by this project because this is the first time they come to Indonesia, yet the response of Joyful was outstandingly remarkable. The concert ended with ‘True Colors’, and fans turn on their flashlight to accompanied the boys performing.

We hope that each member will always be happy and successful in the future, and don’t forget that each of you promises to come back to Indonesia, ok? Lastly, thank you for Enstar Entertainment as the promotor for brought JBJ and invited us to the everlasting Joyful Days in Jakarta.

Written by: Hanisa Pratiwi

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