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Get Closer with Kang Dong Won in Malaysia’s 1st Private Fans Session

Kang Dong Won’s fans in Malaysia finally can fulfill their dream to meet their favorite actor as he finally make his 1st official visit to Malaysia and held private fans session in Kuala Lumpur on 3rd April 2018. KoreanUpdates have an opportunity to attend the event along with 100 lucky fans that not only can meet and see the actor himself, but they also have opportunity to ask any question to this YG Entertainment actor.

Kang Dong Won who already have more than 10 years’ experience in entertainment industry finally step up his acting game as he will make his Hollywood movie debut in Tsunami LA, a movie directed by Simon West. Topic about Tsunami LA also can’t be avoided to discuss during the event as fans must be really curious about his first English movie. This will be become a disaster action movie that will show the diversity in LA. The filming location will take place in Europe and will start filming this month. As the language that will be used in this movie is 100% English, and as an Asian actor that English is not his first language, the language could be one of the challenges. He reveals that even his English is not perfect, he will try his best to be perfect. But during the event it looks like language will not become a big challenge for him as he has no difficulty to communicate with fans in English. Tsunami LA is scheduled to be released in 2019. But if fans can’t hold the patience until 2019 to see Kang Dong Won’s act, chill and relax as his upcoming movie is not just Tsunami LA. This year he also acts in Korean movie, In-Rang, a live-action movie that adapted from Japanese anime, JinRoh: The Wolf Brigade.


Kang Dong Won is not just famous for his act in movies but fans also watched his act in TV drama. More than 10 years already since his latest appearance in TV drama and during the event a curious fan have question whether he will make comeback to TV drama or not. If have expectation to see him in TV drama again then prepare to be disappointed as he said for now not sure can make comeback into TV drama because process to make drama is different with movie and he thinks can’t fit with the system. But it doesn’t mean he avoids the TV drama at all, he still would like to try if the schedule can fit with his preference. Small chance for TV drama, then what about another TV show, such as variety show? Just turn down that expectation because he thinks it’s not actor’s job to do that. It sounds like we will see him more focus in movie industry.

In this first visit in Malaysia, Kang Dong Won expressed that this visit is way too short as he need to go right away after the event and shared would like to come again for holiday. Even when a fan asks what his favorite Malaysian food is so far, he doesn’t know how to answer because he only have chance to eat nasi lemak.  During the event that held for 1 hour various questions coming from fans. Not just normal questions about his movies and career but some not so serious questions can make the atmosphere becomes more relax and make fans become closer with this humble actor.

Having education background in mechanical engineering, Kang Dong Won shared that making movie have no difference with making machine. It takes a lot of process and dedication from a team to make it good. He also shared that script becomes important role for him to make decision to take a part in a movie. He doesn’t take seriously for other cast that will join, as long the script is interesting for him then he will consider taking the role.

KDW KL (2)

That night Kang Dong Won not just showing his serious side but he also give fun side of him with sing a very little part from Girls Generation’s Gee when a fan asks him whether he have any favorite kpop group. He also learns a little bit bahasa from fans where he said ‘saya gembira jumpa dengan awak’ which a fan replies him with ‘saya sarang awak’ that make whole room laugh.

Because this is Kang Dong Won first visit to Malaysia in his 15 years career, many fans willing to travel all the way to Kuala Lumpur for meet him. Not just fans from Kuala Lumpur, but some fans also shared that they come from Johor and even Sarawak. When the host gives him explanation how far Sarawak is, Kang Dong Won gives opportunity to a fan that comes all the way from Sarawak to ask him a final question as appreciation. Final question for that memorable event is ‘Do you have any ideal type?’ which Kang Dong Won reply with smile, someone that are kind and generous. Before close the event with a group photo with fans, Kang Dong Won also expressed that hopefully can meet again during promotion for his upcoming movie.

Written by: Rina Rosindra

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