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What is Your 2017 Most Memorable Entertainment News?

Sports KyungHyang compiles entertainment news that shocked or gained attention in the past 2017. There’re some happy and sorrow news pouring in 2017, Sports Kyung Hang compile the news for you.



  1. BigBang TOP caught smoking marijuana & overdose with benzodiazepine
    TOP suspected smoking and smuggling marijuana last October 2016 with a female trainee Han Seo Hee. It’s reported that TOP denied some charge during the investigation.
    Later TOP found unconscious after consuming too much benzodiazepine (a drug to treat anxiety) and 20 days after that he attended the 1st trial & apologize for his behavior. Final sentence is 10 months prison, 2 years probation and 12,000 won penalty.


  2. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Marriage
    Both are the main cast of KBS ‘Descendants of The Sun’ which caught by witness visited Bali in June.
    Both are denying the rumor about them dating but 2 weeks after, the two admitted their relationship also announcing their marriage October 31.


  3. Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee Love Affair
    Hong Sang Soo (57) Kim Min Hee (35) is director-actress in a movie ‘On The Beach At Night Alone’. The two admitted their relationship even though Hong Sang Soo is still in process of divorce with his wife. “It’s a personal thing that we don’t want to talk to the media, we want you to have personal view about our movie (not because of their love affair)
    About the scandal, “I know people think that way (negative), I respect that as it’s not violating law. But I also want to be treated as others.”


  4. BTS Advancing to Western, Won Billboard Awards & Attend AMAs
    Become the 1st Kpop group to perform at American Music Awards, winning Daesang at Melon Music Awads, DNA MV reach 10 million views in shortest time, Blood, Sweat, and Tears hit 200 million views, these are all the team accomplishment over a year (editors note: of course there’s more but the article didn’t mention further).
    Active at home (Korea) and abroad, BTS completed WINGS Tour in December, appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ellen Show, rank high on Billboard Social Chart, and collaborations with several western artists.


  5. Kim Joo Hyuk and SHINee Jonghyun Sudden Death
    Actor Kim Joo Hyuk died October 30th after his car overturned at Yeongdong street. Even though the firefighter immediately rescued him, he’s unfortunately can’t be saved. Autopsy said serious head injury is the cause of his unfortunate death.
    It’s still fresh in our memory SHINee Jonghyun’s funeral procession that brought us tears. He found unconscious at officetel with a coal briquette. He also later revealed left a suicide note showing his depression over years. Police stated that family decided not to do autopsy and close the investigation, ruling it as suicide.
    Rest In Peace.


  6. Yoo Ah In Enlistment and Feminist Issue Which Spread on SNS
    Yoo Ah In eventually exempt from military after diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (a malignant tumor in bone) caused by genetics/bad immune system. He ruptured his right shoulder in 2013 and become worse in 2014 while filming ‘Veteran’, and in 2015 diagnosed with Osteosarcoma.
    He also caught in controversy for his argument with netizen on November regarding feminism. Netizen divided into 2 group who argued whether Yoo Ah In is against feminism/support it.


  7. Rain and Kim Tae Hee Welcoming Their 1st Daughter After 1,500 Days of Marriage
    Married on January 19, Rain and Kim Tae Hee finally welcoming their 1st daughter October 25! Rain said, “Thank you, she’s a pretty princess. I will teach and watch her grow well as a child that able to help the world.” Then later the singer who appeared on a TV show stated, “She had double eyelid”

  8. Park Yoo Chun, Uhm Tae Woong, SHINee Onew Sexual Harassment Controversy
    Park Yoo Chun sued back in June 2016 for allegedly raping an employee of nightclub in December 2015. Since then, Park Yoo Chun was declared innocent and the one who sued him earlier sentenced to jail for false accusation.
    Uhm Tae Woong also accused raping a massage parlor employee. However, it’s revealed he didn’t commit sexual assault but she broke up with her and falsely accused for money.
    SHINee Onew also suspected for harassment for touching female body in stage in famous night club in Gangnam. Onew has written a handwritten apology, 4 months after the incident but netizen still give cold gaze on him even though the case is cleared.


  9. Re-investiation of Kim Kwang Seok Death
    Kim Kwang Seok’s wife, Seo Hae Soon accused by Kim’s family for neglecting her daughter who suffered from acute pneumonia without proper treatment. Kim Kwang Bok (Kim Kwang Seok’s brother) also sued her for alleged fraud, saying Seo Hae Soon hiding her daughter death in order to receive Kim Kwang Seok music royalty (Kim Kwang Seok inheriting it to his daughter).
    Then Seoul Police re-investigate the issue and the medical examination confirmed Seo Yeon Yang death and Seo Hae Soon said she has no obligation to inform her daughter death to Kim Kwang Bok. Polica also didn’t found any issue about Seo Hae Soon neglecting her daughter.
    Kim Kwang Bok then cancelled all the case of fraud and declared both Seo Hae Soon and Kim Kwang Bok not guilty in this case. After this conclusion, Seo Hae Soon filed a complaint against the reporter Lee Seo Ho and Kim Kwang Bok for defamation.


  10. KBS – MBC Strike
    KBS and MBC went on stike after 5 years since 2012. 40 radio PDs of MBC received unfair censorship regarding Sewol incident. Along with PDs , 400 staffs also stopped working starting from that day.
    While KBS reporters demanding resignation of Ko Dae Young and Lee In Ho.
    On October, Board of Audit and Inspection announced some of KBS directors unfairly using company expenses for private purposes and decided to take appropriate measurement and suggesting Korea Communications Commissions to take action.
    MBC finally ended their strike and pointing Lee Myung Ji as the new president, while KBS strike still continues (100 days already) to make Ko Dae Young stepped down from his seat.

Source: Sports Kyung Hang

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