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EDailyStar Discuss 3 Possibilities SNSD Will Went Thru After 3 Members Leaving



EDailyStar news stated it’s noteworthy to take attention about how nations girl group SNSD will change after 3 members Tiffany, Sooyoung, Seohyun decided to leave recently.

  1. Continue as 5 member
    To maintain Girls Generation/SNSD name, the change as 5 members group is inevitable. The remaining members has shown their ability in dance and vocal should be alright to maintain and perform. Part distribution will also change, from 9 to 8 to 5, each members will have more parts. However, we can’t deny there will be emptiness during performance. How fans feel to see their favorite girlgroup narrowed down to 5 members.
  2. Recruit New Member “Refresh”
    After Jessica left in 2014, Girls Generation has overcome it successfully and converted in 8 members. But now, half of the original members are missing, there’s an urge to fill the empty spots. Recruiting new members means new fandom too. The problem is, how the original fandom will react and accept it. Some won’t accept the new members and turns into an anti as the group’s color will change eventually. New members will also face the comparison with previous member.
  3. Solo Activities While Still Maintaining ‘Girls Generation’ Name
    There’s also a way where members still doing their individual activities but also still maintaining the group ‘Girls Generation’. The activities can be narrowed down to fanmeeting etc. The individual profit also still reportedly good for SM Entertainment. If fandom for members till maintained well, Girls Generation fandom will also likely to continue if they still not abandoning the name ‘GIRLS GENERATION’.

Being the longest girl group running (10 years) it must be a big burden for them. Down to 5 members, they still can going through but public likely unfamiliar with the formation as they previously have big number of member. News still opening discussion about how they will fill the vacancy as most of the vocalist left the group.

Now that the big possibility of it will be 5 members Girls Generation/SNSD, they will once again bring and must do the big homework to maintain the fandom, continue and overcoming the crisis, also to show the unchanging spirit of GIRLS GENERATION that we all know in the past 10 years.

Source: EDailyStar, OSEN

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