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SEVENTEEN Shined in Their Own “Diamond Edge” in Jakarta

Serenity and Rose Quartz, by just looking at the color combination those fans were wearing, we could immediately recognize which group they were queuing for.

Yes, Seventeen finally visited Indonesia again for the second time. Different with last visit which was a fan meeting, this time, Seventeen came for a 2 hours and half long concert show! Even they just debuted 2 years ago, this boy band from PLEDIS Entertainment could prove their immense popularity by having a world tour with the title ‘Diamond Edge’. The concert itself will have 17 shows in total and Jakarta was their 11th stop.

Before the show started, Carats were already showing their enthusiasm and excitement by singing along and fan chanting loudly when Seventeen was doing the rehearsal. Some of the fans who bought the VIP Package were also able to watch the rehearsal directly while the remaining half had a send-off after the show end.


Seventeen started their Diamond Edge concert in Jakarta with their very first winning trophy song, Pretty U, with a carnival version. A group who mostly produced their own things of course will not disappoint their fans with how diverse and new their performances were. A synchronized and powerful dance from Performance team, awesome harmonization by the Vocal unit and also the Hip Hop team which were able to bring up the excitement with their performances were things we could only see at Seventeen’s concert. But this time, there was also a stage by the China Line Jun and The8 who performed an enticing and sexy performance of their unit song, My I. The lighting, set and sound were also the big part in making Seventeen’s performance last night even more flawless.

Beside showing their love to Carats by singing and dancing wholeheartedly, Seventeen were also very nice by accepting Carat’s request. When they were having a ment, some of the members showed their dance move but just like last year, Indonesia Carats would call the other members’ name, hoping to see them dance too. Even with such a sudden request, the members did not refuse at all and fulfilled it just to make the fans happy.


After the encore, Seventeen members sat on the stage to give their last ment one by one. Each of them said a lot of meaningful and encouraging words to the fans. They said they were so grateful for having a lot of fans to cheer and support them. The ment also show how precious Carats are for Seventeen by how they take time and say every words sincerely. They also promised that they would come back again to Indonesia with a better and greater performances in the future.

The 2 hours and half concert felt like 5 minutes only. To be able to watch their favorite artist performance in real life will always be every fans’ dream and it was such a great thing that Carat were able to meet Seventeen again. By seeing how full the hall was, we could say that it was a successful concert that left a great memory for both fans and Seventeen. Another visit to Indonesia also seems guaranteed.

Thank you for a great show, Seventeen! We hope for the success of the remaining concert and also the release of new unit, SEVENETEEN Leaders. Not forgetting to send our gratitude to event promoter, Mecima Pro.

Until next time, aku cinta kamu(I love you), Seventeen.

Written by: Jesica Hawari
Photo cr: Mecima Pro

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