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B.A.P ‘Party Baby’ Tour Successfully Ended with A Memorable Show in Singapore

B.A.P, represents Best Absolute Perfect, has a member of 6 members; Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup & Zelo came to singapore last weekend. Singapore marks the final stop of “ Party Baby” world tour in town . As mentioned by the members, Singapore was the first oversea countries B.A.P visited and was good that they can end the world tour in Singapore giving goods memories to the fans.
B.A.P, turned the night into an lifetime memory for their Singapore fans as a return for them to come to their concert.


The concert was started off with the famous DJ B. Shoo to light up the atmosphere. With DJ B. Shoo music, the Fans got a little high and held up their lightsticks, which resulted in a sea of bright green filling up the theatre. DJ B. Shoo indeed had everyone to get ready for the songs, and buildup the hype before B.A.P’s concert starts.


The remix of “Hurricane” had the fans went wild and was delighted to hear a it being edited into a remix .Furthermore, B.A.P also performed songs such as “SKYDIVE”, “1004(ANGEL)” and “WAKE ME UP”.
Besides the group performances, the boys had performed their respective solos. Jongup attracted his fans with his sexy move and his voice when he sang “Try My Luck”.
Zelo mesmerised his fans with his sexy voice, singing the song titled “Shine”.
Daehyun performed the “SHADOW” , captures everyone attention with his powerful vocal and everyone was captivated when he sang with his high notes.
Youngjae, perfomed the title “Lie” , an R&B Music , and Himchan and with the dancers performing “S.N.S” in suits, looking real handsome.


BAP showed off their Singlish while having the ment by saying words like Shiok la when Youngjae expressed how he felt during the night and Himchan kept saying ALAMAK through the concert.
A fan was chosen up as a special segment was brought up on stage by himchan. Himchan said that she falls into the “sexy” category as had the similar hairstyle as Yongguk! The lucky fan was humourous and able to keep communicate as she could speak korean. Although the lucky fan favourite Jong up is not on stage, but Jong up still came to hug her causing a loud screams from the fans below.


The show ended after they they performed with a song called “B.A.B.Y”, which is a touching song. It was definitely an awesome for both B.A.P and BABYz, as the “PARTY BABY” tour successfully!


Photo Credit: IME Group Pte Ltd and TS ENTERTAINMENT
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