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CNBLUE Finally Reunited with Indonesia BOICEs After 4 Years with ‘BETWEEN US’

Saturday July 15th, Indonesia BOICEs couldn’t be any happier than this as they finally reunited with their idol CNBLUE after 4 years!

CNBLUE is back with ‘BETWEEN US’ concert and bring back their powerful performance once again, delivered stunningly to thousands BOICEs. The personnel, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Lee Jung Shin, Kang Min Hyuk opening the concert with ‘Radio’ and continued with ‘When I Was Young’ and ‘Domino’. They’re all seemed prepared with some greeting in Bahasa, “Apa kalian kangen kami?” (Did you miss us?) Each of the members greeted fans in fluent Bahasa continuously.



Enough with the greetings, they performed their some old-but-still-fresh-hit songs such as ‘L.O.V.E Girl’, ‘Love’, ‘I’m Sorry’, ‘Can’t Stop’ and many more. During the show, they boys seem excited to meet Indonesia BOICEs after a long time, they couldn’t help but hyping as Yonghwa teased a bit of his version of ‘Despacito’. Even though he can’t fully spelled the whole lyrics, he tried it by changing the lyrics to ‘Jakarta-Jakarta’ and ‘Tteokbokki-tteokbokki-do’ brings laughter to the audiences. He promises us to do show the full version later (okay we noted it!).



The show continues with more of their songs from previous album, even from their Japanese album such as ‘Lie’ and ‘In My Head’ but in Korean version. Jungshin and Jonghyun ensure that BOICEs are having fun with them as they continuously showing of their bass and guitar skills, and running to the extended stage to get closer with fans. Not to mention, Yonghwa spoiled us with his awesome vocal throughout the concert and we still can’t get enough of it, right BOICEs?

As they show about come to an end, CNBLUE prepared an acoustic version of ‘Manito’ and finally we could see Minhyuk closer after he’s behind the drum set all time long. The show is really ended after ‘Young Forever’ is performed and they promise us to comeback and we need to makes sure we’re all will be there BOICEs!

We would like to thank IME Indonesia for inviting us to cover such an terrific concert and we can’t wait for your next show!

Song list:

  1. Radio
  2. When I Was Young
  3. Domino
  4. I’m Sorry
  5. Can’t Stop
  6. It’s You
  7. Love Girl
  8. Sweet Holiday
  9. Love
  10. Lie
  11. Blind Love
  12. Royal Rumble
  13. In My Head
  14. You’re So Fine
  15. Face To Face
  16. Wake Up
  17. Feeling
  18. Coffee Shop
  19. Cinderella
  20. Between Us
  21. Catch Me
  22. Manito (Acoustic Ver.)
  23. Young Forever
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