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CNBLUE Bring The Stage to ‘Between Us’ Asia 1st Stop, Singapore

CNBLUE is back here to meet the Singapore BOICE last weekend at the Zepp. This concert is part of the ‘Between Us’ Asia stop in Singapore.
Singapore is the first stop of the Asia and there are plans to hold at other Asia countries such as Jakarta and Malaysia.
It has been more than 1 year since their last concert at Singapore. Although this time , the band was performed at a smaller venue , their performance still amazes the singapore Boice.
CNBLUE performed almost all songs from their latest album, 7’ CN. Their latest album is a big difference from their usual album as they used rock music to incorporate to the songs. This is a really tough decision for them as this requires courage to change their concept which they have established long ago in the industry.
Singapore Boices are the first overseas country to listen the song ”When i was Young , ‘Between us, ‘Manito, Royal Rumble’ and Its You live version .
Jungshin spoke with a good English and hope the fans would appreciate the song lists they prepared during the concert.
With no doubts, every Korean boyband who came to Singapore must experience the Singlish culture . CNBLUE members spoke with words like SHIOK, created the laugher among the fans.
The concert was wrapped up with the last song ‘Young Forever’ and Young Hwa added by saying We will stay young forever tonight!!
KoreanUpdates would like to thank IME for the media invitation .

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  1. You spelled Yong Hwa’s name wrongly in the last sentence.

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