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Lee Dong Wook Shared How He Misses Indonesia and Future Project

The Grim Reaper from tvN’s drama ‘Goblin’ has finally arrived in Jakarta! Before going ahead with his fan meeting on May 20, Lee Dong Wook greets media and lucky fans on press conference held at Kota Kasablanka.

IMG_1615Entering the room, Lee Dong Wook opens the press conference by sharing his opinion about his latest drama, ‘Goblin’. The great script and main cast, lead him to this popularity as now he can finally hold his asia tour fan meeting.

He also praised Kim Eun Sook, as the writer of ‘Goblin’ for being able to connect the actors and viewers in the drama that makes it interesting and well received. As the drama over with high rating, Lee Dong Wook shared that they actually didn’t do anything special but a farewell dinner with the cast and crew. Moreover, the cast also busy with their next schedule thanks to ‘Goblin’.

Lee Dong Wook has several dramas with different genres, but one of his past drama ‘My Girl’ caught attention with its romantic comedy genre. Being in same genre for several dramas, Lee Dong Wook actually doesn’t have any preferences, “I always learn about my character very well. I choose romantic comedy because it’s viewer’s fave.” When he’s asked about another character that he wanted, he choose a character which more realistic rather than in a fantasy like ‘Goblin’, he also want to challenge himself for another character

In the future, the actor still wants to focus on his Asia tour. Going to reality show or others is one of the options he chooses for the future (if there’s a chance to do so) apart from being an actor and MC. As he’s been in entertainment industry for almost 20 years, he humbly said that he’s not at the point to give advice to youngsters. Rather than that, he thinks that viewers can decide which actors is good ‘living’ in the character or just acting. “It is important to be loved by many, but above all, how you bring yourself into the character is more important.”

It’s widely known that K-Drama is loved by many of viewers outside Korea. For Lee Dong Wook, what is the reason why K-Drama is well known? “The great quality and I think Korea has the best editing and way of shooting in the world. Actors, directors, script writers also having big part in its successful drama.”

Previously, Lee Dong Wook has visited Indonesia for ‘My Girl’ promotion 10 years ago, that’s why he wants to come back here and greet fans through his solo fan meeting. That’s why he prepared many games and photo op for his fan meeting so he can interact with fans closer.

Lastly, Lee Dong Wook hopes that fans can enjoy his fan meeting as he is. “I hope I can get closer with fans and having fun together. In every fan meeting, I always feel energetic because I receive much energy from fans. I hope you enjoy and feel the same as me.”



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