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[KOREA JOA 2016] DAY 5: Ewha! Cheese Jjimdak! Container Mall! DDP!

Finally we are given a free coverage day by KOFICE, this time I teamed up with Hallyukstar, Viki, Soompi Spain and Hellokpop to explore places where ‘youngster’ hangout. I believe, when you are visiting Seoul, you need to explore their university area, there are Hongdae, Edae, Kondae and many more.


But this time we are going to Ewha Woman’s University area, and eat our glorious Cheese Jjimdak (Korean Braised Chicken) and end it with rice! Superb! the price? 6500 won per person enough to fill you up!


Then we are moving to Dongdaemun Design Plaza; this was the place where ‘My Love from The Star’ K-drama filmed. It is still amazed me by its size and the crowd. There are street performers too. You should come here after you shop from Doota or come here at night to see the LED rose garden. It was beautiful, but too bad this time I don’t get to visit it at night.


The last place we visited was Common Ground, the famous mall made of Shipping Containers in Konkuk University area. You can buy soft rainbow sponge cake in this mall, but for me it was kinda overpriced consider it is a university area, but worth the try.



That’s the end of my free coverage. Thank you Hallyukstar, Soompi Spain, Viki and Hellokpop! We made a great team! Day 6 going to be exciting day because we are visiting SMTOWN @ COEX and SMT SEOUL.

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