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[KOREA JOA 2016] DAY 4: Ojukheon & Woljeongsa Temple!

After having a hearty breakfast at Lakai Sandpine Resorts, we checked out from the resort, and heading to explore 3 places in Gangwon Province, Ojukheon, Woljeongsa Temple and Korean Traditional Snack Making Class.

Have you ever went to Korea or planning to go to Korea? You need to exchange some cash from your currency to Korean Won. Well, Ojukheon House gets its name from the black bamboo forests that surround the house, It was the house of Sinsaimdang (1504-1551) and her son Yi I (Yulgok; Scholar and politician of the Joseon Period) was born. Both mother and son images are on Korean Won, Sinsaimdang is on 50,000 won bill and Yi I is on 5,000 won bill. Ojukheon House also in the 5,000 won bill.


Ojukheon was nominated Korean National Cultural Heritage No. 165. Ojukheon is one of oldest korean wooden buildings. After Ojukheon, we went to Korean traditional sweets and cookies making class. We were having fun decorating our rice based Korean traditional snack, I forgot the name of it, but it taste so great!


After that we had had our lunch and moved to Woljeongsa Temple. Woljeongsa was founded in 643 by the Silla monk named Jajang. It was a vast complex surrounded with forests of Fir tree as we walk into the temple. The walking path was awarded one of the most beautiful walking paths in Korea. The autumn leaves greet us. It was indeed beautiful and give us a clean fresh air, although it was a chilly day.


After about 1-1.5 hours walking, we finally heading back to Seoul. Thank you Gangwon Province for the invitation to explore Gangwon Province!


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