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KOREA JOA 2016: Let’s know more about Korea with KoreanUpdates!

In early September 2016, I (Edwin Joo) received an email fromKOFICE (Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange), an NPO under the Korean Government – Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. To my surprise KoreanUpdates was invited to join KOREA JOA 2016 Project which they invited 10 people representing 10 media from around the world. Yes! KoreanUpdates is one of them!

So what is KOREA JOA 2016?

 There are two meaning behind the KOREA JOA or KJ:

  1. Korea Joa: People who enjoy and like Korean Culture, Joa: phonetically dictated of a word 좋아, which means “like it” in Korean
  2. Korea Jockey: People who make online contents and share them online about Korean Culture.

Basically I will be in Korea, especially in Seoul and Gang Won-do, to give you updates about Korean culture like Music, Sport, Food , Beauty, Technology and Tourism from October 26th 2016 to November 3rd 2016.

KOFICE will bring us to places of interest and introduce you with lots of thing about Korea you might not know. Because Korea is not only about K-Pop, but there are other things to explore. So please stay tuned with me as I updates you with tonnes of informations about Korea.

You can enjoy the updates through our website and our social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram for live updates and also Youtube as I will give you a daily vlog on things I experience on the day!

Let’s explore more about Korea with me!

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