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“SEVENTEEN 1st Fanmeeting Asia Pacific Tour 2016: Shining Diamonds” in Jakarta

In a week, Indonesian Carats are better be ready to meet their idols, SEVENTEEn from Pledis Entertainment as they’re gonna hit Jakarta, August 20 2016 with a fanmeeting titled ‘SEVENTEEN 1st Fanmeeting Asia Pasific Tour 2016: Shining Diamonds’.


Jakarta will be their 3rd stop after Singapore and Manila, and will be followed by Bangkok. The tickets are sold from Cat 1 till Cat 3, with benefit of High Touch/Photo group for Cat 1 ticket holders. With price ranging from 2,3 million IDR, 1,7 million IDR, and 1,3 million IDR, Carats sweep out the Cat 1 tickets just in a day after the sales opened at Dreamers website. However, the Cat 2 and Cat 3 are still available for you who want to meet S.Coups and the team.


SEVENTEEN stands for 13 members + 3 units + 1 group, making them different from other group. They divided into 3 units, ‘hip hop’, ‘vocal’, and ‘performance’ team whose members are expert in their unit.

Their debut on May 26 2015 successfully captivating Kpop fans and 3 days after that, they release their debut song ‘ADORE U’. This EP chart high on Billboard despise they’re a rookie. With 4 title track ‘Adore U’, ‘Mansae’, ‘Q&A’ (with Ailee), and ‘Pretty U’, SEVENTEEN already receive tons of awards for Rookie category at Seoul Music Awards, Golden Disc Awards, Gaon Chart Awards, and more.



Three Angles Pro with Dreamers Radio as official supporting partner in Indonesia, proudly present and promising you with an adorable yet unforgettable show for Carats. See you guys next week!

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