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It’s Our 6th Anniversary! Yay! 


Yay! We are 6 today!

If KoreanUpdates were an idol group, we would celebrate passing the so-called ‘5-year life span’ curse, but of course we are not 😂As we observe idols’ career, we realize that the ‘curse’ is not actually baseless; as they progress, many difficulties come up from all sides including their fans and it gets harder to grow after some time.

As for KoreanUpdates, after passing the 5th year we have grown so much, the most prominent growth being our view of fans in Korean entertainment industry. 

Fans is an essential part of the growth of a star; while they can help bring their idols’ to the top, they can also bring them down with their attitude and image in the view of other artists’ fans, netizens, and common people.

KoreanUpdates has been keeping a close relationship with Korean entertainment fans and through it has got a deep understanding of how fans think and behave; we have been trying to improve ourselves to understand what fans want and need and help building a better community of Korean entertainment, especially K-Pop fans. From news, updates, to fun posts on SNS, we have tried to engage more with our readers and followers, almost on every concert we are media partner where we sometimes did ticket giveaways, and we always strive to give the best to our Jjangers. A media outlet’s responsibilities — especially fan-engaged online media — include many aspects like providing news and updates to its readers and educate them to think maturely and critically through our selective updates. We take it personally to help our Jjangers grow together with us; becoming better people before better fans. 

KoreanUpdates believe that as we grow together with fans, we will go far with the niche yet forever evolving Korean entertainment industry; in the years to come, we hope to take part as a reliable content provider as well as a friend to fans. Thank you for these 6 years together, Jjangers, we wouldn’t have made it without you!


Zest (Head of KoreanUpdates) & KU Family

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