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COME TOGETHER with CNBLUE in Singapore!

It is the 6th day of the Chinese New Year Season and also a day before Valentine’s Day in Singapore. Majority of the Chinese in Singapore are still going on house visit to get red packets but there are fans who have been waiting patiently to see CNBLUE – Yonghwa, Jungshin, Jonghyun and Minhyuk. Since their last concert in 2014, the boys are finally back again for a concert that they started with ‘Domino’ while the whole venue was filled with blue lights.


The boys greeted fans with 新年快乐( happy new year) as it was Chinese New Year season in Singapore. Minhyuk was trying to speak in Hokkien dialect ’sure bo’ (“Are you sure?”)

Jungshin said 恭喜发财 and wanted red packet from fans and told them that he went to buy a ring at Orchard.

The boys went on to make the audience laugh as Jonghyun said please concentrate on him. CNBLUE talked about the pepper and chilli crab that they had for lunch the day before. They really love chilli crab and Yonghwa said he wanted to come back to Singapore for a holiday. Singapore Boice, do stay tuned at Yonghwa’s Instagram, who knows he would update pictures of him in Singapore.

cnblue (2)

The Singapore Boice had prepared a special fan project: when the boys went to change their stage outfit, fans started to blow red n white balloons to present it to the boys. When the members saw it, they were touched and said they loved it very much.

CNBLUE said that they would definitely come back to Singapore again for a concert.

Thank you One Production and Rock Records for inviting Korean Updates to CNBLUE Come Together 2016 concert.

Photos by One Production.

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