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A Very Special “Sparkling Christmas with BTOB”

After a long 3 years of waiting, BTOB finally came back to Indonesia through special event “Sparkling Christmas with BTOB” on 25th and 26th of December 2015. On December 25, through first event “Star Ride“, BTOB played happily while touring around the FUNLAND area of Mikie Holiday Resort. Some lucky fans played games and took photo together with BTOB members at the venue.

On the night of Christmas, fans made special memories through special event “Star Dinner” with BTOB at Grand Ballroom of Mikie Holiday Resort and another lucky fan had the chance to take group photo with the members. As the memorable dinner came to an end, Sungjae, along with Peniel and Changsub went up to the stage and dance together. The night was closed with Peniel sweetly bid good bye, while Sungjae said “Aku cinta padamu (I Love You)” to the fans.

The day after, a mini fanmeeting was held at Star Theater starting at 5.30 PM. Opening video introducing all members of BTOB was played along with some videos from BTOB’s arrival at Kuala Namu International Airport, “Star Ride” Event, and also video greetings from Indonesian Melody(s). They opened the fanmeeting with “Beep Beep” and “WOW!” then made greetings to fans who were presented.

This fanmeeting was very special as BTOB picked 14 lucky fans to play game with them on the stage. The lucky Melody(s) could take photo with their favorite member of BTOB, and some got hug from leader, Eunkwang. For the second game, 7 lucky fans were picked to play “telepathy” game.

In the fanmeeting, Sungjae tried to speak in Bahasa as he said “Aku Cinta Padamu” again and “Ada Ada Ada (Present, present, present)”. Ilhoon and Minhyuk also tried the language by saying “Terima kasih (Thank you)” and “Sama-sama (You’re welcome)”. After another game session named “Intimate” with Indonesian fans, they continued the fanmeeting with performances of “The Winter’s Tale” and “You Can Cry”.

As the fanmeeting coming to an end, they sang their latest ballad hits “It’s Okay”, “Way Back Home”, and ended it with “Shake it”. BTOB also had a “Fan Service” Event, for those who bought the ticket where they can get Hi5 and Signs from the members.

The whole event was very special, especially how it was held along with the celebration of joyous Christmas. Thanks to Mikie Holiday Resort and Star Theater for inviting us. Hope we can get the chance to see BTOB again soon!

Written by: Roma Herianto Valentino
Edited by: Ikhda Rizka Annisa

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