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Super Junior K.R.Y. Phonograph in Jakarta: An Endearing First New Year’s Gift

It’s only the second day of new year 2016 and most people in Jakarta are enjoying their long weekend out of town, but for a lot of Super Junior fans in Indonesia, especially the group’s main vocalists, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung who are consisted in sub-unit Super Junior K.R.Y., this long weekend might be more special than other because their favorites come to visit Jakarta for their first and last concert tour here.

Months after their last Super Show 6 here in Jakarta, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook, now along with Yesung, come back again as Super Junior K.R.Y. one of the group’s sub-units. Started August in Seoul, Super Junior K.R.Y goes around Asia to meet their fans through their Asia Tour concert, Phonograph. This concert is the first ever Super Junior K.R.Y. solo tour here and we can be proud as Indonesia is the last stop for the Asia tour.

Phonograph brought with the three big stories about brokenhearted men and their delicate past love stories. In the VCRs that were played along the concert, the three members could be seen showcasing their acting talents as men who fell in and sadly fell out love. Within the end of first VCR, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung came out alternately right after each of their story. Kyuhyun came out singing “Hana Mizuki (Korean ver.)“, Ryeowook singing “Coagulation“, and Yesung singing “Let’s Not“.

After the three of them came out respectively to the most up front stage, the VCR ended and Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung appeared in the center stage bringing “My Love, My Kiss, My Heart” from 5th album, Mr. Simple. They continued singing “…ing” from Mamacita before making their greetings in first member introduction. The members greeted their fans and expressed their feelings to be back to Indonesia and how they miss Indonesian fans. Kyuhyun especially said how it surprises him to see a lot of fans filled their concert venue despite coming only in three instead with the whole Super Junior.


The concert went on until it was the time for the three’s solo stages. For their solo performances Yesung proudly showing his OST King title by singing two of his top OSTs, “Gray Paper” from the drama That Winter, The Wind Blows, and “It has to be You” from Cinderella’s Sister drama. In not any less quality, the official first soloist from Super Junior, Kyuhyun, brought Park Hyo Shin‘s “Wildflower” which is known for his unforgettable MBC’s Mask Singer performance, and his latest solo song “A Million Pieces“. But the most special and surprising gifts were brought by Ryeowook who both of solo performances were Indonesia hit songs Noah‘s Separuh Aku and Bebi Romeo‘s Bunga Terakhir. In between the songs, Ryeowook read a heartwarming letter which he had translated to Bahasa saying how he wanted to give fans who have been waiting for him here special presents and how he understands the language barrier between him and Indonesian fans, therefore prepared Indonesia songs to express his feelings toward Indonesian fans.

The night that full of surprises didn’t stop there as Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk appeared bringing Huh Gak‘s “Hello” which is his solo performance for Super Show 6 world tour. Even after doing ballad and showcasing his powerful vocal, the mood turned to bright and fun once he finished the performance and playfully being joked around by his younger members who came out to be on stage with him. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung noted the sudden change of mood and thanked their leader for coming here to visit their last stop concert. Leeteuk then said it’s not only him that they should be thanked for because there are awesome musical instrument players who completing their perfect stages. Then Leeteuk full spiritedly introduced each of the instrument players started from drummer and ended with keyboardist. Along with the introduction which included them playing some Super Junior hit songs, Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung danced following the beat which included a short performance of Super Junior’s hit, “Devil”.

Leeteuk wasn’t only there for his solo stage and short MC act, but especially joining acoustic Super Junior’s songs medley along with the main characters today who are Super Junior K.R.Y. The four of them brought medley of “Someday“, “Our Love“, and “Good Person” before Leeteuk unfortunately left the stage and gave it back to his three younger members.

VCRs then played telling love stories of the three and how they then left brokenhearted by their respective partners. Yesung was a street musician years ago when suddenly a dog stole his money which then leading him to meet the girl he loves. Their relationship grows beautifully until the girl left him hanging one sided in the middle of it. Ryeowook was a musician and song writer who unfortunately lost both his hearing ability and beloved girl. And Kyuhyun was that man who has been loving the same girl for a long time and feeling sure the girl feels the same until the day he planned to confess ended tragically with the girl introducing her friend who likes him. The feeling lingered even until the girl’s wedding day which describes how he hasn’t move on from the regret of not being honest.

Concert went on with song from Super Junior’s 3rd album Sorry, Sorry, “Love Disease” and special repackaged album Magic, “Dorothy“. Before they sang more songs, Kyuhyun sadly announced that they are getting closer to the end of the concert and how they only have two songs left before it ends. Ryeowook then teasingly introduced the next song as a song that extremely popular in South Korea while Kyuhyun next to him cutely pushed him showing his embarrassed face. Kyuhyun’s reaction explained their next song well as the three of them sing Kyuhyun’s big 2014 hit, “At Gwanghwamun“. The song was followed by To the Beautiful You OST “SKY” which ended by them leaving the stage.

After that encore started with the-always-sweet-song-gift “From U” and followed by “We Can” from Devil special album. Last talking session was up before last song of the day where the three of them thanking fans who have been supporting them despite not coming to the country often. Ryeowook expressed his wish for fans to wait for him to come back from his enlistment which will be occurred this year and promised to come back again with all Super Junior members including the ones who are enlisting in the army now. Kyuhyun, even with his witty way, said how he feels so thankful and surprised to see many fans came to watch their concert and hoping us, despite a lot of new groups, to always loving him and Super Junior. He then said “Jangan lukai aku dan aku cinta kamu (Please don’t hurt me and I love you)” to the fans present. Yesung ended the heartwarming talk session with the same hope of fans to wait for both Ryeowook and Kyuhyun to come back and finished their military duty and concealed them by saying how he knows how it feels to leave the stage, but be sure that fans will always give them the spirit again once they come back.

Concert was ended with “The One I Love” and heartfelt bow from Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung.

This might be a very bias opinion, but what a heartwarming, delightful, and perfect way to start the year. SM artists have been known for their tremendous performances, but lack of live concert quality, so what a way to prove that in the middle of many groups that SM has, there are a lot of talents who have way higher quality than everyone think and generalized about. Super Junior K.R.Y. are the main vocalists of Super Junior so it might explained how their live singing performances will no doubt be great, but whatever the defense says we are sure that fans are proud and left home feeling satisfied after come to watch the concert. Every element of the show is on point and the vocals surely couldn’t make you regret.

We are sure a lot of fans have been waiting for this day to come especially for the three’s biggest fans, so we hope you left with that satisfying smile and good memories to dream tonight just like we do!

Set list for Super Junior K.R.Y Asia Tour Phonograph in Jakarta:

  1. Kyuhyun – Hana Mizuki (Korean ver.)
  2. Ryeowook – Coagulation
  3. Yesung – Let’s Not
  4. My Love, My Kiss, My Heart
  5. …ing
  6. Believe
  7. In My Dream
  8. Lunar Eclipse (Korean ver.)
  9. Yesung solo – Gray Paper
  10. Yesung solo – It has to be You
  11. Kyuhyun solo – Wildflower
  12. Kyuhyun solo – A Million Pieces
  13. Ryeowook solo – Separuh Aku
  14. Ryeowook solo – Bunga Terakhir
  15. Leeteuk special stage – Hello
  16. Medley; Someday, Our Love, and Good Person
  17. Love Disease
  18. Dorothy
  19. At Gwanghwamun
  20. SKY
  21. From U
  22. We Can
  23. The One I Love
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