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MONSTA X and SISTAR rocked Singapore in a Joined Fan Meet!

(This article was written by KoreanUpdates’ special writer, Orizuka, who wrote Oppa & I series)

SISTAR started the show with Shake It, bringing the house down. Looking beautiful as always, Bora, Hyorin, and Dasom then greeted the fans with big smiles and waves. Unfortunately, Soyou was not present.

After the greetings, SISTAR performed Don’t Be Such A Baby and I Swear.


The hosts then teased the fans to call MONSTA X. After a loud cheer, MONSTA X showed up on the stage and the fans went to total hysteria. Known as the ‘Monster rookie’, MONSTA X performed they debut song ‘Trespass‘ fiercely.

Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Kihyun, Jooheon, and I.M then did the group and individual greetings. They also expressed gratefulness for the fans that came and supported them. Soon after, they soothed everyone by singing Perfect Girl perfectly.



After MONSTA X session, SISTAR was back on the stage with ‘Lead Me’ and their bubbly summer song ‘Loving U’. The 3 gorgeous ladies then proceeded to sing the heartbreaking song ‘Crying‘. Their amazing vocal hypnotized everyone on the set.

SISTAR then played telepathy games with 3 lucky fans. In couples, they used board to draw one out of two options the hosts gave them. Dasom and her fan won the game. The winner got to take selfies with the group and received a signed poster.


SISTAR then performed Ma Boy and Touch My Body, and bid goodbye to the fans.

Monsta X once again took after the stage with their fun song ‘Rush‘. Everybody rush to their feet, singing and dancing along with the 7 boys. Monsta X then gave their Monbebes a surprise event by coming down the stage and interacts with them closely.

The boys then gave a super fan service. They sang Honestly with one super lucky fan. The fan sat in the middle of the stage while Monsta X was serenading–and flirting by giving her roses!

After the overwhelming fan event, Monsta X did the games with selected fans. 7 fans were invited on stage to do staring contest. Shownu and his couple won the game by 26 seconds. The winner was entitled for a group photo and signed poster.

The last song was the one that everyone was waiting for: HERO!

The fan meeting then ended with Monsta X taking a photo with the whole fans.

That night, SISTAR was every STAR1’s star and Monsta X was every Monbebe’s hero! is proud to be the Official Online Media Partner for this event. Thank YouThree Angles Productions.

PS: We are unable to take MONSTA X photos due to the restriction of the first 3 songs rule (SISTAR performed the 1st three songs)

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