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GOT7 is Back to Singapore For Another Adorable Fan Meet!

(This article was written by KoreanUpdates’ special writer, Orizuka, who wrote Oppa & I series)

GOT7 is back to Singapore for the second time this year, the first fan meeting was in April 2015. At around 8PM, the fan meeting started with the 7 members group singing Stop, Stop It. Looking fine with black outfits, they then proceeded with their debut song Girls, Girls, Girls, brought the fans screaming at the martial art dance choreography.

JB, Jackson, Mark, YoungJae, BamBam, Yugyeom and Junior. then greeted the fans vibrantly. Jackson pushed JB to use English, but ignored. BamBam did a cute act by asking the fans to tell him his name.

After a short talk, GOT7 played a game with 7 lucky fans. Divided into 2 teams, they did a gesture relay games. Jackson got everybody’s laughing by gesturing ‘shopping for underwear in the winter’ very wittily (he gestured shopping by swiping credit card which then misunderstood by his team with fishing). Both teams failed, but then won by Jackson team due to the question’s difficulty.


After the game session, GOT7 then performed Just Right lively, proceeded by their hit song If You Do. Fans were screaming out loud following the blazing manly charisma from the 7 members.

Another game session was conducted, which was a musical chair game with 7 lucky fans. The 14 of them competed to get the last 2 chairs. While playing, BamBam and Youngjae was pulled out by other members because they didn’t let the fans sit. Jackson then told BamBam to say ‘Sorry Singapore’. The 2 winners then had the chance to take a group photo with GOT7.


GOT7 then confessed sweetly to the fans with Confession Song. Jackson ended the song with a warm Christmas greeting.

In another talk session, the hosts asked who the best dancer was, and everyone called Youngjae after Yugyeom. They supposed to do the dance battle, however the members wanted them to do a staring battle beforehand. Youngjae then defeated the dance king in the dance battle. Youngjae got help by Junior, BamBam and JB.

Next up was a surprise video from fans. The fans then took out their ‘we will be walking together beside you until the end’ banner and showed it to GOT7 during the video. GOT7 got overwhelmed and took pictures with the fans, which would be uploaded to their official Facebook page.


GOT7 continued the fun with Magnetic and Bounce. Everybody was bouncing and shaking it together with GOT7, making the night a more unforgettable one.

The boys then come out the stage while saying goodbye, but shortly after they were back with A remix version as an encore!

The fun and entertaining show finally ended as the members bid goodbye. Hope to see more of them in the future! is proud to be the Official Online Media Partner for this event. Thank YouThree Angles Productions.


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