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[Report] GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore

JYP Entertainment’s seven –member boyband, form in January 2014 who has now become the talk of the town among many fans is going to step into Singapore. They have held many fan meetings in other countries and has finally stepped into Singapore for the first time.

Known for infusing martial arts tricking into their performance, fans can now look forward to see the martial arts live. It will definitely be a night to remember for all IGOT7 (Got7 official fan club). Fans can also look forward to the different member personality trade which are able to charm their way into the hearts of their fans though the different songs, dance, infused martial arts dance and the interaction games.

The boy group held a press conference with the media on the 25th April 2015. They talked about their first time being in Singapore and with the fans and even participated in a psychological test to find out their ideal types. During the press conference, Got7 praised Singapore for being a beautiful and clean country when they arrived. Bam Bam mentioned that the trees here are huge and wanted to bring his family members to Singapore for holidays. The members mentioned that this is the first time they are in Singapore, except Jackson. Jackson has been to Singapore for at least 6 times due to Youth Olympic Games.

The boys were asked about how they feel about the fans in different countries, and they said Japanese fans are well mannered and all fans are passionate to them. Jackson mentioned that he once met a fan who screamed loudly during the concert, probably even louder than the members.

Well maybe IGOT7 are wondering if Got7 members are actively using their SNS accounts such as twitter or Instagram. Yugyeom admitted he checks his account once a month while Bam Bam said he loves using Instagram and will update during special days.

At the end of press conference, Got7 expressed their thanks to the fans for the support and they hope that they could come back to Singapore again for a full length concert!

During the fan meeting, some lucky fans were able to see their idols close up. With the special benefits from the different categories sale of tickets, fans received a chance to win the lucky draw and have a group photo with Got7 or a special pre-autographed by Got7 or a chance to Hi-5 with the members of Got7.

Their first fan meeting was held in Kallang Theatre on April 25, 2015 at 7PM

Koreanupdate s would like to thank LEAP IMS for the invitation to Got7 First Fan Meeting in Singapore – Press Conference and Fanmeeting


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