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2015 INFINITE 2nd World Tour “INFINITE EFFECT” in Jakarta Press Conference

After 2 years, INFINITE are finally back to Jakarta, Indonesia to hold their 2nd world tour “INFINITE EFFECT”. KoreanUpdates are honored to be one of the media partner and able to join the press conference with INFINITE which is held a day before the concert. Having their 3rd time visit in Indonesia, INFINITE showed their excitement and how they miss Indonesia Inspirit after their last visit 2 years ago with One Great Step.

Q: Your 2nd world tour named “INFINITE EFFECT”, why?

Sungyeol: We have our 1st world tour, One Great Step. This 2nd world tour is the ‘effect’ of that 1st world tour.

Q: This is your 3rd time visiting Indonesia and your 2nd time holding a world tour here. What is the difference between this concert and the previous one?

Hoya: After our 1st world tour, we have several comebacks and new album. So, in this concert we’ll perform our new songs.

Q: We want to know about INFINITE’s fashion. How’s your daily fashion and concert outfit?


Sungjong: On stage, we wear uniform with different theme, but personally as I have slim body, I love wearing body fit shirt/long coat.

L: For me, I love black, so I love wearing black outfit…. haha…..

Q: Explain yourself in 5 words!

L: Sa-rang-su-ro-wo (lovely)… haha…

Hoya: In-seu-pi-rit-kkeo (I’m Inspirit’s)

Sungjong: Le-mon-sa-tang-kkeo (I’m lemon candy’s)

Woohyun: no answer

Q: What’s your motivation to be a better musician?

Hoya: Of course fans!

Sungjong: Especially the fans who’re here…


Q: What’s fans, especially Inspirit means for INFINITE?

Hoya: Everything

Q: Is there any unforgettable moment with fans that you want to share?

Sunggyu: There’re a lot of things happened. I always remember the moment when we held a concert and being with Inspirit for that 2 hours.


Q: What’s the most memorable thing about Indonesian fans?

Woohyun: jigeum i sungan~ (start singing) (a moment like now).

Q: What kind of image that you want to show fans in the future?

Woohyun: Appa? (Father) I want to have that image like I could hug warmly.

Q: For this world tour, why you choose Indonesia as one of the stop?

Woohyun: We’ve been here for several times. Why we want to go back because you (fans) are hot and always welcoming us warmly.

Q: What do you think of Indonesia?

Woohyun: There’s some word, sarang? (Love) I love that word. Everytime I remember Indonesia, I always remember the word “Love”.

Dongwoo: Saya cinta kamu (I love you).

Q: How long is the preparation for this world tour?

Woohyun: One year and finally we can meet our fans in Indonesia. Because last time I said that I really want to go back to Indonesia and finally we’re here.


Q: Your first impression being in Jakarta for the very first time?

Dongwoo: When we’re first came here, we receive a lot of photo, gifts,warm welcome, and lot of love. That’s why we think, why we always receiving (those supports).

Q: Any message for Indonesia Inspirit?

Woohyun: I love youu~ (starts singing again) cinta kamu! (love you!)

Q: After this 2nd world tour comes to and end, what’s your next project?

Sunggyu: This world tour is not end yet, (then L interups with “Showtimee~“) we’ll also record a new show called “Showtime” and Indonesia fans also can watch it on TV.

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